The HBO show Last Week Tonight (a weekly news comedy show) airs 30 shows a year. We've missed a couple of weeks in our weekly podcast, but largely stick to the weekly format.

We're thinking of taking a week off to work on some backend infrastructure and to give @emacsen some time to edit while he prepares for shoulder surgery.

Would love people's thoughts on the frequency of releases, and or how important keeping to a specific release schedule is for you.

@librelounge @emacsen Everyone deserves time off! I'm behind listening anyway 😆

@downey @librelounge I don't have an issue with a break so much as just that I had the idea we'd do 50 shows a year. I'm starting to think 35-40 shows is a more realistic number.

@emacsen @librelounge That seems better. Even huge media production companies with lots of staff aren't expected to produce that much content.

@downey @librelounge Good point.

Also dirty little secret of the show is that we don't record and release on the same day or even the same week. We'll do recording sessions that we play later. Since I don't think I'll be up to the work of editing a podcast during at least the 3 weeks of recovery where I'll have a sling, I hope to get a few in the hopper, then hand off the work of releasing them to @cwebber (who is probably only now realizing I'm going to ask this of them). ;)

@librelounge @emacsen Take care of yourselves. We appreciate the hard work you put into the episodes. The ideal number is the one where you all get to have a life outside of the podcast :)

By the way, listened to your recent piece on instant messengers yesterday. Thank you for sharing. It hit me personally on multiple levels.

@librelounge @emacsen Hustle is a big part of the Podcast Empire. It's hard not to get caught up in it. Regular releases is a strategy to get on Apple's new and whatever proprietary list. Do the show you want to do, the way you want to do it. This is why you have so many fans. Leave the expectations of hustle behind. Take care of yourselves. Your audience will respect that.

(I wish I could tell myself these things.)

@sikkdays @librelounge We're not yet on Apple because to get on the list, we have to install proprietary software somewhere to do it...

@emacsen @librelounge And I imagine you have a bigger audience then the podcasts that are on the list which I am involved with. 😉 It's a testament to how you are doing things. I think it's really great! Besides, much of your audience probably doesn't use Apple's services. :blobcheer:

@sikkdays @librelounge We have only the most rough idea of the size of our audience. The only thing I know for sure is that it's slowly growing, which is awesome.

I don't mind us being on most of the aggregators. We're on Pocket Casts and Stitcher and Spotify (I think). Apple is the only one where you need a special account where their software is a requirement.

And we want to bring in an audience who isn't as familiar with Free Software. I want to make it welcoming and help people transition.

@emacsen @librelounge Sure. I'm a bit cranky when it comes to Apple because they are the "at least they're not 'insert other giant data corporation' argument." I'm all about freedom for users. My co-host really likes Apple, but hasn't put our shows on Stitcher because he doesn't like that they compress the audio further. Human behavior is funny. 🙃

@librelounge @emacsen Keep up both the quality and your enjoyment. If you need regularity for engaging yourselves and delivering a good show, go for regular releases. If you get burned or don't enjoy what you're delivering, then slow down, be free, and take it easy. We'll be there, listening to you, no matter what.

As a musician for the major part of my life, I know this is how it works. Also, if you need to prioritice quality vs enjoyment, go for the latter. Always.

@librelounge @emacsen health first, unless you can get John Oliver as a guest :)

I presumed you wouldn't get an episode out every week

Especially for a podcast that generally isn't time-sensitive, take appropriate local holidays and vacations

I appreciate your work and have learned from the result. Danke!

PS I hope the surgery goes well and there are bonus episodes of #FaiF for you to listen to while recuperating :)

@librelounge @emacsen as co-host of the show I think everything will be fine if we don't release this week, and a 30-40 releases per week schedule is a-ok :D

@efraim @librelounge @emacsen oops 30-40 per year

30-40 per week *does* seem excessive, I agree ;)

@efraim @cwebber @librelounge We'll call 4-5 daily episodes an optimistic stretch goal.

@librelounge @emacsen As a subscriber to a bunch of podcasts, I find there's almost too much content out there to listen to each week. So I could totally live with less content from you guys, especially if it reduces chances of overwork and burnout!

Couple of alternative suggests - release every 2 weeks rather than every 1. Or still release weekly but cap each episode at 30 mins, and split longer episodes into multiparters. Less content, but still a regular cadence.

@neil @librelounge @emacsen I also wanted to suggest a release every fortnight. It gives you guys less stress and more time to research your topics if needs be.

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