Interested in hearing the Libre Lounge folks take on Instant Messengers? Their history, their influence on Free Software, and their emotional impact? Join us for "The Rise and Fall of Instant Messengers"

Just curious but my podcast grabber doesn't see it yet....will it be there any time soon?

@LPS When we announce the show, it's already on the feed. The feed shows as being valid by several validators.

If you'd like to give some more info, we can try to work together to figure out what's going on.

I have it now, too impatient:( great episode!

Are people so sensitive today thattheyhavetohave a content warning about death?

@zudn There are some people who are sensitive about death, but especially suicide.

After some internal discussion about how to handle it, we decided that the conservative approach of offering up a content warning and resources at the end was better than no action at all.

@librelounge You totally missed #DeltaChat. If Signal and #OMEMO catch your attention, have a look at #autocrypt. DeltaChat performs the ultimate hack: grabs the largest userbase ever, competes with modern chat apps and gets away with doing this with a protocol more ancient than the web itself. And is #FreeSoftware, of course.

@mray Thanks! You're not the only one to bring up DeltaChat. This isn't the only time we'll cover instant messengers, so stay tuned!

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