Who's ready for a very chill episode about how Libre Lounge is made? Join us for a meta episode!

@librelounge Ah yeah, LibreLounge will be a great test for the code I'm planning on contributing today to the Vocal podcast app!

@cwebber @librelounge Between my Odysseus web browser and Vocal I made it easy to subscribe "the old fashioned way", in just two clicks from your website. Plus I've got Odysseus which will start automatically recommending Vocal (alongside Liferea, QuiteRSS, & Akregator) once that update is released so as to get people started with webfeeds.

More technically speaking I added support to Vocal to open webfeed URLs, and some metadata telling Odysseus that it expects audio attachments.

@librelounge Just listened to the episode and liked it a lot. Maybe I should go to IRC, but currently here is more handy to me. I didn't really get why you need the transcription. Is this a way to avoid having to listen to the whole episode while editing? Another thing: I'd love to know about the ducking settings, how you compress the audio etc. I do all this for the two podcasts I'm involved in, but it would be nice to know about other people's way of doing.

@librelounge hey I'm catching up with your podcast and got to this episode. Have you ever considered using OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) for the recording and synchronisation of the audio? If you really want to you could record the audio for the breaks in advance and play them when you want them inserted? I have usage experience but (most) Jupiter Broadcasting shows are done that way and they sound great.

@RyuKurisu We could discuss this but i'm not sure what the advantage of OBS is over Audacity for just recording. Can you direct message us or email us with more information on how this would work?

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