We're doing an upcoming show discussing secondary package managers, software used outside your primary OS's main system to install software either system or user wide.

So far we have Snap, Guix, AppImage, Flatpak and Homebrew. Any other prominent ones missing?

We're not covering language specific managers such as CPAN or PyPy, nor as we covering full containerization or virtualization technology such as Docker, Rocket or Vagrant. Maybe we'll cover those in the future.

@librelounge nix of nixOS supports multiple operating systems besides its own distro I've been told. Not sure if it counts for you, might be an interesting hybrid case tho.

@phryk Thanks. Yes, nix and Guix are very similar in the way they work (Guix being a spinoff of Nix that is entirely Guile based).

It's certainly worth mentioning.

@librelounge the nix package manager. I know people, who are using it on debian or on osx instead of brew.

I've got several:

- pkgsrc! Ports for the people on a whole bunch of platforms, not just NetBSD.
- 0install is interesting because it's a little bit nix/guix-like, but not quite, it's written in Haskell, and it's available for both Linux and Windows. It's actually my favorite way of installing things on Windows.

Is this a Linux-only thing? Otherwise for macOS:
- fink
- macports (née DarwinPorts)
macOS obviously isn't libre, but the packages are.

Hypothetically they would work on a pure Darwin, but nobody has released a pure Darwin for years. is apparently somewhat alive again and are building a partial 2016 Darwin system. I would really like it if I could run PureDarwin workers to test nixpkgs/macOS builds of Racket packages.

@librelounge AUR helpers probably don't count but it'd be interesting to compare them to Guix

@librelounge aur arch linux user repository, in a way

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