Starting off the year with a fun episode about Free Software Video Games! Give it a listen!

@FiXato Thanks for catching this! The show notes have been fixed!

@librelounge No problem :) I only managed to listen to about half of the show so far before our four months old needed attention and I kinda forgot about the remainder, but so far it's been enjoyable. :) Another open source rogue-like I would suggest looking at is

though since it has a #CreativeCommons license (which CC themselves doesn't even recommend for software...), I'm not quite sure if it can be considered Free/Libre.

@librelounge Great, "lighter" episode to start the year and really makes me want to try out those games! So far I've only played Globulation 2, which is indeed a lot of fun.

Btw, Endless Sky is missing from the show links, too:

@librelounge just listened to the #LibreGaming episode. Good stuff! Do you folks know if anyone does a podcast specifically about libre gaming? I would definitely subscribe to that. If not, that might be something I could create ...

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