Yes, the Libre Lounge podcast is on the Fediverse!

@UnclearFuture Good question! I think we need to change our feed a little for that (they have very specific requirements). You're the first person to ask for it, so we'll look into it this week!


Eugh, I know Apple, right? But still, thank you so much for looking into it :)

@librelounge is it possible to provide either an Ogg Vorbis version, or an Opus version?

That's something I liked about FaiF, and would be a bit more "libre"

@teslas_moustache @librelounge A super kind review and our first episodes are a bit shakey. I think episode 3 is the strongest yet. We did our first interview last night (hopefully released in the next few days) and we are still struggling to find our rhythm, but it's an iterative process and after the shows we tend to go over what we felt worked and what didn't in order to improve. I'd love to hear what you think of ep 3 as I think it's our best yet.

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