"Gosh, how can free software projects get funded?" A complicated question, but in this @librelounge episode we take a crack at answering it! librelounge.org/episodes/episo

Part one of two!

@librelounge Great, "lighter" episode to start the year and really makes me want to try out those games! So far I've only played Globulation 2, which is indeed a lot of fun.

Btw, Endless Sky is missing from the show links, too: endless-sky.github.io/

Oh! @librelounge got a shout out in the FSF's newsletter and I hadn't noticed until one of our new listeners told us about it!

Starting off the year with a fun episode about Free Software Video Games! librelounge.org/episodes/episo Give it a listen!

@librelounge not to mention all the other cool things about Karen Sandler to make it exciting that she is our first guest ;)

There's a new episode of @librelounge out where we interview Karen Sandler about herself and her work as Software Freedom Conservancy's executive director librelounge.org/episodes/episo

Can I also just take a moment to say... WOW! Karen Sandler is our first guest on Libre Lounge! Karen co-hosted Free as in Freedom and that show is an obvious direct inspiration for Libre Lounge; it's *amazing* to me that she's our first guest!

Hope you like the episode! I think it's our best yet!

Hey @librelounge listeners, what do you think about the idea of renaming episodes to their air date? So instead of Episode 5 it would be December 29, 2018.

I'm listening to the @librelounge episode about hacker culture while knitting.

Great job guys! Reelaborating history is not easy but it makes us better as a community, I think.


2019.copyleftconf.org/ is the day after FOSDEM2019. @cwebber will speak, and I assume many other interesting people will be there, in a speaking role or as a participant. Also me. 😀

Listening to @librelounge I don't know the history of software freedom etc. I've been picking it up over the last couple of years ie. from the wrong side of the victory of Open Source.. Suspect it would be great for anybody who knows more. Check it out.

Sadly our special guest episode will have to wait a week, but a fresh new episode of Libre Lounge will be coming very soon!

So @emacsen and I recorded our first episode of @librelounge with a guest last night. I'm not going to spoiler which guest but it's a heck of a first guest! I'm excited for the upcoming episode.

Yes, the Libre Lounge podcast is on the Fediverse!


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