sorry to shill so much, but thanks to GUIX my computers are now more up to date in terms of their software than they have ever been i am not scared to update my system frequently, now!


I want to be as cool as the person who made this sign

'finally my data is safe now that tiktok has been banned!!', i exclaim, before going back to browsing facebook on my android phone

Watch Micro$oft combine TikTok with LinkedIn and Skype and Hotmail to create the worst social media ever 🍿

Hi! I'm new here. I was hoping to write something worthwhile for #introduction but there's too much other stuff on my mind and I'm not used to microblogging. This gemlog post from yesterday should tell something about me, though. gemini://

i suppose i should do a bit of an update on how i am finding the GUIX System

so far, i am very impressed. it is stable, and up-to-date, and there is a great wealth of support online for solving issues that, like all free software operating system distributions, crop up from time to time

i suppose what i like about it best is the simplicity of many of the solutions to problems. and the startling amount of activity that seems to be going on in the project.

very very impressed. the dynamism of the system is palpable---and the enormous amount of software that is available for it is, frankly, still shocking to me.

i am home. i am GUIX xD
hey all!!

please boost this message!

this is me, vidak, on my new instance!!


‘Dead Drops’ is an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space.

#DeadDrops #P2P #public #USB #sharing #network

Imagine being an academic and trusting all of your references to a closed-source, freemium reference manager owned by a company whose primary business model is denying people access to academic references. As if BibTeX was never invented.

Whenever I see shit like this, I'm *glad* I didn't finish my PhD.

We must de-grow now

The data shows there is no way to stay below even 2° (see sources in second part).
We have been missing every target catastrophically. And physical reality limits what we can do now.

But there is one obvious way to avoid catastrophe, drastically de-grow.

We are being sold false hope to keep the profits flowing.

Globally we must use significantly LESS total energy 2030 even as China's & India's economies of then ~3 billion are set to almost double.

This will not happen. Our current system cannot avoiding climate catastrophe.

It gets worse.

Just in regards to power-generation, the area we are doing "best" at:
By 2030 we must double our current solar and wind power and we must have more exponential growth from there.

Instead renewable growth is stalling (


Capitalism as we know it is over

These are the pathways that keep us under already catastrophic 2°

Our system of exploitation & short-termism will never achieve the precipitous drop needed

Under our current system emissions are still rising

Capitalism cannot even achieve a leveling off of emissions - and that is the easiest part

Regulations & incentives are already failing: the inherent incentives of the capitalism will always empower those who cheat and game the system

The question is just what comes next:
A more equitable world for all
Or fascist corporate feudalism


I was reading A History of Clojure and noticed the diagrams for "introduction and retention of code" comparing Clojure and Scala, made using Hercules. What an interesting way to think about stability. "… Clojure was to be extremely conservative about breaking changes. I wanted Clojure to be a stable tool for professionals… "

«When I first was learning Common Lisp I was appalled at the tolerance on Usenet comp.lang.lisp of arrogance, hostility, intimidation and other anti-social behavior of the presumed ‘smartest guys in the room’. I was determined (a) that the Clojure community would not be hosted there and (b) that kind of behavior would not be tolerated. Early on, on IRC and the mailing list, I established and required a tone of supportiveness, positivity and respect.» – Rich Hickey

Fawkes is a new anti-facial recognition tool from University of Chicago Sand Lab. It subtly alters faces in images so that that they cannot be correctly classified by common machine learning classifiers, while leaving them legible to human viewers.

These small changes - adversarial preturbations - merge features from other peoples' pictures with your own to cause classifiers to misfire, mistaking pictures of you for pictures of your "masking" target.


I threw it on the GROUND.
I’m not part of your SYSTEM!
I’m an adult!

Hello, world!

I am the creator of #Waffle, a #Gopher client written in #Haskell!

Waffle on GitHub:

Waffle on Matrix (official chat):!ErxkIgxbsTfPysApW

I also run an #IRC server, with free ZNC accounts, which is #Tor-only and focused on privacy and security. Ask for an invite!


Look at this nightmare bird. It’s called a Jacana

(It’s carrying its babies in the second image)

Ants, specifically, do farming. They farm aphids by protecting them from predators, such as ladybugs, and eat the honeydew that aphids produce in turn. Some ants actively cultivate mushrooms which have coevolved a symbiosis with the ants. Farming is not a uniquely human behavior.

Species of Australian hawks have been known to grab flaming bits of debris from wildfires and purposefully spread the wildfires to new areas to flush out prey.

Dolphins have been proven to have language complicated enough to creatively come up with a new trick, and then convey the idea of the new trick to their pod and preform it in unison without having ever done or practiced it before.

And friendship that develops between animals of different species is a behavior frequently observed in zoos, and can even happen in the wild.

Elephants have been shown to mourn their dead, and take great interest in bones of their deceased. Animals can experience emotions as complicated as grief.

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