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Did you know that one of the ways Android and IOS reduce energy consumption is by using a unified system-level notification provider?
UnifiedPush is FOSS implementation of the same idea that could help projects such as #pinephone and #linuxphones in general by providing both a framework to reduce battery consumption and a more unified interface to code notifications on.

If you follow FOSS, would you please boost?

Welcome Jason Ekstrand! Super happy to have you on board to keep on making Mesa3D and the entire graphics ecosystem better every year!

Panfrost is getting a speed boost on Bifrost GPUs courtesy of Alyssa Rosenzweig: Index-Driven Vertex Shading. Scenes with complex geometry are helped:

In one pair of runs, "Terrain" is up 27%. "Shading" is up 41%.

And "High-poly bump"?

62% faster.

All the latest on , including Mesa 21.3, Bioshock Infinite, & more, courtesy of Mike Blumenkrantz

Landing in 2022: Copper, a new DRI interface extension for , enabling Zink to render more efficiently, support more drivers, and work on more platforms including supporting compositors!

What if Zink was actually the fastest GL driver? In Mike Blumenkrantz's latest update, he reveals with NVIDIA’s Vulkan driver is roughly 25-30% faster than NVIDIA’s GL driver for Tomb Raider!

The Finale: In Mike Blumenkrantz's last update for 2021, we learn Zink is now running games faster than DXVK! , for the win!

Do you know Zink? It's a solution to run OpenGL API calls through Vulkan drivers. We interviewed the key contributor to this project, Mike Blumenkrantz, to find out more: #linux #linuxgaming #opengl #vulkan #zink

An overview of the recent progress on Zink (OpenGL on top of Vulkan), with support of OpenGL 4.6, and Zink working on Windows too... #linux #opengl #vulkan #zink #windows

Zink (OpenGL on top of Vulkan) has recently achieved massive performance boost in certain cases by optimizing how it allocates memory: #linux #linuxgaming #opengl #zink #vulkan

Phoronix benchmarks Zink Mesa 21.3-dev on an AMD card and it's making good progress in performance while still inferior to RadeonSI's: #linux #linuxgaming #vulkan #opengl #zink #translation #benchmark #radeonsi

Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Tackling Support For More Games via

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