@loaderror the clever bit is that there's a lot of similarly early on, but for the smaller sizes when there's no longer, the blend towards the constant color means we have less difference anyway...

@loaderror base palette of 128 colors, stored in the high colors, sorted by similarity. Then, 7 "1d mipmaps", gradually blended towards a constant color as the size gets smaller...

@loaderror no free saturated adds, but the shift can usually be done as a source mod, yeah. But the entire blend is a single shift, so it's fairly cheap regardless

@loaderror This looks like a good candidate for spooky's shiftpal technique also

Using , and a , you can create an audio bridge between a device & an analog speaker system, breathing new life into your old speakers. Here's how: col.la/pwrpi

New blog post! Getting , an open source driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs, closer to conformancy by implementing one of the core features: support for secondary command buffers. openfir.st/pvkcb

New blog post! After fighting with the divide between implicit and explicit synchronization with on for over seven years, we may finally have some closure! Jason Ekstrand explains: col.la/bsgvl

@menacespb @Truck "R.Ø.L.P. - Live at Halden Studentkro 92-94" ... technically *maybe* released early 95 (internet is lacking accurate sources), but wins hands down anyway.

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