Using , and a , you can create an audio bridge between a device & an analog speaker system, breathing new life into your old speakers. Here's how:

New blog post! Getting , an open source driver for Arm Mali Midgard & Bifrost GPUs, closer to conformancy by implementing one of the core features: support for secondary command buffers.

New blog post! After fighting with the divide between implicit and explicit synchronization with on for over seven years, we may finally have some closure! Jason Ekstrand explains:

Hello world, again.
It's been a few busy, exciting, exhausting, depressing and very emotional months - and though the ride never fully stopped to let us smell the flowers, we're still here. Breathing.

Mesa 22.0.3 graphics drivers are out now with more ANV, Zink, RADV, Panfrost, and LLVMpipe work. Get it at or update your distributions!


Here's a little mastodon-exclusive secret: I'm working on a new GBA code-base! I'm not very far along, but I've got some rotating triangles etc. Who knows if this will lead anywhere!

Thank you everyone for following us! ❤️

"Zink running wglgears on a NVIDIA 2070 GPU on Windows at full speed. No software-copy scanout. Just Kopper."👌 Here's the latest update from Mike Blumenkrantz:

someone asked me to make a "concept to final" thread of my 4k exegfx so here it is...

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