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Admins: perhaps you should consider blocking This instance’s policies could affect the safety of many of us on the fediverse. The instance automatically rejects both local and remote reports, meaning there is no way to bring bad users and content to the attention of their moderators. See here:

In discussion within their chatrooms, I received this response:

quick note about reporting (copied from other chat room): this is correct, after deep deliberation we have concluded that no company should control speech - we have a “stay safe” guide in the pipeline, but briefly, block bad users and report illegal content - in the long-term federated, community-managed blocklists are likely the answer

This does not seem right to me - if we’re subjected to their users, the only action admins can take is to block their server rather than have our issues addressed. This makes for a poor member of the fediverse.

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#TIL how to kill an application in #Haiku without having to use the Terminal. Found it on the Haiku forum (via kallisti5).

The text reads:

Pro tip: Vulcan death grip

Right-Ctrl + Right-Alt + Right-Shift + Click on running Application in the Deskbar.

It’s our kill -9 in the GUI. 🙂

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