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El Ferras doblado al japonés es todo lo que necesitan ver hoy.
De nada, bai.

Así de ese nivel los consultores certificados de chocolate 😆💀

Raza: no estudien para sacar un papelito, estudien para aprender y el papelito viene adjunto.

20 years later and windows is *still* a liquid shit operating system </grumble>

I was never sure if this was a thing or not, as an ESL speaker some of these things are hard to grok (see also: "ask" as a noun)

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@nmsanchez The pronunciation "ax" predates "ask" in the English language & has been in continuous usage for 1200 years. When English was formalized, upper class white English usage became "correct." It's just another dialect & should be taught as such. Classism & racism permeate education.

serious question: why do so many people say "axe" instead of "ask" ? or is that just a different pronunciation ?

it has come to my attention that I have never read Rendezvous with Rama, this must get fixed.

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La universidad de Quito, me invitó el viernes 3 de Julio, a dar una charla, aquí está el link por si gustan acompañarme. 👉

I really like my DAS keyboard, but it seems like my wrists can't handle it anymore. I switched back from the kinesis to DAS today and I'm already feeling it :older_man:

if you live your life in a code environment, I highly suggest the gruvbox color scheme. Originally created for vim here but there's lots more contributions nowadays

aw man my mouse's track ball is dead now, sigh.

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Hemos actualizado el repo! Ahora podrás encontrar:

- Los slides de @sarumanmx de Febrero
- Los videos de @arsandtech e @imcsk8 de Abril, y
- El video de @Rolman de Mayo
¡Gracias @RevistaSG por el apoyo!

cc: @fedora @fedoracommunity

I forgot about my tea, now it tastes like I am chewing bark ugh

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How will this from home "experiment" impact the future of work?

Red Hat's chief people officer, @delisaatredhat, talks to @raconteur

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It's my last 2 days on @ThePSF board, and I'm super excited about all the options for folks to take my spot. I've already voted in the election, have you?

irc makes the tech world go 'round

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