Happy to see companies that put their money where their mouths are
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Funding open source is important. I'm sure there is room for improvement here but I'm super happy we have this set up now. blog.sentry.io/2021/10/21/we-j

white tea is so delicious oh my god

Is *anyone* using a @Yubico yubikey 2nd slot to store a static password longer than 38 chars? Google is coming up empty here :(

@urien2 they finally got the formula right, one can argue "these are dumb generic movies" but comic movies had never been this huge before, so obviously something was missing

I am fucking HYPED about that new Spider-Man trailer sheeeeeeit

Can't get enough of crypto bullshit reply-spamming my account on a daily basis. It's great.

$ alias please='sudo'
$ alias thanks='sudo shutdown -h now'

Monitorama postponed until summer next year, again. I mean, I expected it, but still am somewhat disappointed :-/

hold up, Miami landed Lowry and PJ? South Beach about to turn into Hustle Beach

I hate ligatures in coding fonts, what even is the purpose?

Monkey's Paw Driven Development (TM)

Uno canta las mañanitas sin saber bien que dicen 😂

I honestly think @Jrue_Holiday11 was the missing piece in the engine. Dude hustled HARD

A few years later, but he didn't let you down.
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My man....M.V.P. Greatness. 🙌🏾💪🏾 Next up: Championship. twitter.com/kobebryant/status/

I much rather have Giannis win his first than CP3. God I hate that douche.

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