Heya everyone. I'm julia, and I work in open source. Looking forward to chatting with folks here!

I like exploring the sociotechnical, sustainability, and longevity aspects of OSS.

Oh, I also co-founded (still in its relative infancy).

Hi Julia, welcome here!
Is it you first time on a Fediverse instance or do you already know your way around?
Looking forward to hearing from you :)

@juliaferraioli ok, good luck :)
Don't hesitate to ask if you feel some things should be possible but don't find how to do them.
Good resources to get started are:
- @feditips
- @FediFollows

@juliaferraioli You have conquered me at " sustainability, and longevity aspects of OSS " Welcome !

@juliaferraioli hello! It’s interesting watching people from Twitter jump over. Feels like the early days of Twitter over here.

@juliaferraioli similarly new to Mastodon as you are - welcome from Wales! Love the idea of capturing oral histories of open source software; I'll be sure to follow that closely!

@juliaferraioli welcome here! Looking forward to listening to those stories. No link with Open Science Stories?
Hope you enjoy your time here and make great acquaintances :)

@juliaferraioli Hi Julia, I hope that you feel welcomed and that you settle into the community here 😀

@juliaferraioli Welcome here 🤗
Nice to see someone here, who is also involved with socio-technical content and sustainability. I am a student in sociology and just starting out in this field :-) Also interested in open source and its connections to society.

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