I'm working on an alternative media type for . I expect it to be contentious, so I'd like to hear some thoughts on what y'all would like to see in an extension Gemtext.

Sent a patch to gemserv that should block all directory transversal attacks. It checks to see if the final path is within the directory that's supposed to be served.


Method from "Robust Defence Against Directory Transversal attacks":

I have started curating a library on my capsule. Right now it has a couple translations of the (WEB and KJV), The Tragedy of Hamlet by , and a copy of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations (Marx is on the list too, it's just turning out to be more of a pain to convert).

Visit it on Gemini:

Or via a Web proxy:

I'd like to add more Shakespeare and other public domain works I find interesting (inc. Proudhon).

Figuring out async *and* tls at the same time in is frustrating. Just want to write a server.

👋 I'm a hobbyist programmer and sysadmin who is passionate about , , and other forms of user empowerment with technology. You may have seen me before.

I'm interested in and other small internet protocols, along with mobile Linux, real sustainability, and various computer languages (including Rust and Zig).

I won't follow too many people here, or engage in politics, but I will share some updates on the things I'm working on.


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