Who wants to do another Mastodon instance with me?

I want to make something quiet and comfy that has a somewhat-defined community (inspired by but also with open registrations. Moderation will be difficult.

I have the skills and would like to help out with the increasing load on the network.

The exact software is also not yet set in stone.

All thoughts welcome.

Once email's sorted out I'll open up signups. In the meantime, I'll write up some of the policies and maybe theme the instance.

@josias kudos for this project which really is in line with the fediverse concept. All techsavvy people here (I am sure they are many) should follow this path of yours: instead of registering an increasing number of newcomers on a small number of big instances, setup new light manageable instances on lotech hardware with a limited number of subscribers who can contribute, including with a small monthly fee to cover server maintenance.

@josias I kinda think a #misskey instance would be awesome :P

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