Do tech companies/coops hire random people just out of high school or in college?

There are countless young people with years of experience tinkering with computers and maintaining their own projects, but without real "industry experience" or schooling.

@josias internship programs sometimes have this type of person, but unfortunately the vast majority are quite exploitative and only accessible to people with complete parental financial support

@josias @theruran yep, i’ve ran in to a few hs grads that taught themselves vulnerability research and made a career out of it. they were terrible at writing code but im only complaining because I had to “port” their shit.

@josias Yeah it's pretty common I think, in Germany at least. I started working for a little software company as an app developer at age 17, as basically a high school dropout.

Only few of my coworkers over the years have been college graduates.

(And those who were college graduates weren't any better. One of them I actually had to dismiss because he wasn't performing well enough for the salary he was demanding.)

In Germany we have this system called "Ausbildung" (vocational training might be the correct translation) where someone who only finished secondary education works at a company plus goes to vocational school like one day of the week. That's what most young people seem to prefer nowadays.

@taylan @josias I have for a long time been envious of the German split in tertiary education. You do apprenticeships properly, unlike the UK:

It's not uncommon 🙂 I know several people who only went to high school, who are now working as developers. One of them went straight from high school to a full time developer job.
When we were hiring new devs for our team we didn't really focus that much on education. It was mostly considered as a bonus for candidates who don't have relevant working experience (even hobby projects).

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