I understand that many #foss projects have been locked in #github as a result of a choice made in the past.

However, it makes little sense to me to see new, interesting #foss projects to opt for #github while there are less unethical code hosting platforms out there.

@dimitrisk In what way is GitHub unethical? I now lots of people dislike the M$ ownership, but is there something more sinister which I've missed?


@underlap @dimitrisk People often cite its proprietary nature, the increasing commercialization of it, and the fact that it has worked with ICE.

I personally avoid it because it's a walled garden situation.

@josias @dimitrisk Thanks. What's ICE?

Not sure about GitHub being a walked garden as I can fork a repo freely. But maybe GitHub actions etc. are thought to impede this by creating build-time dependencies.

@underlap @dimitrisk ICE is the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, i.e. the enforcement behind the US border and those considered responsible for the what happens there (I'm not comfortable discussing this further here).

Regarding the walled garden:
You can fork and clone repos from GitHub freely, but issues and other GitHub-specific features (organizations, discussions, teams, etc.) are not portable or standardized.

(@forgefriends is trying to fix this with Gitea, etc)

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