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👋 I'm a hobbyist programmer and sysadmin who is passionate about , , and other forms of user empowerment with technology. You may have seen me before.

I'm interested in and other small internet protocols, along with mobile Linux, real sustainability, and various computer languages (including Rust and Zig).

I won't follow too many people here, or engage in politics, but I will share some updates on the things I'm working on.

Update on the computer science class:

I think we're going to learn Forth. It's simple, provides the basic concepts of computer science, and shapes a different mindset than most other languages. (thank you @neauoire, for suggesting it!)

Resources related to Forth would be greatly appreciated. Especially on teaching it, interpreters for it, and interesting projects to make in it. 🙂

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There is such a thing as a free lunch 

It's called a gift.

I have a calendar that has a weird holiday for every day of the year.

Is there a Mastodon bot that does something similar? If not, that'd be pretty fun.

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"The case for a modern language (part 1)"

This got me thinking: Is it okay to write C code for BSDs to use nicer library functions and just ignore other operating systems?

There are so many people looking for jobs on the . A non-profit/co-op that pays people to contribute to the Fediverse itself might be helpful. 🤔

The release is here and available for Firefox!

Changes include:
- New sites: JSTOR, ResearchGate, IEEE Xplore, De Gruyter, and Sagepub
- Options page to modify the Sci-Hub URL if necessary

The release is dedicated to Aaron Swartz, and his commitment to open access to science.

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"Better a little with righteousness
than great income with injustice."
~ Proverbs 16:8 #Bible

It appears that it's just the profiles. Threads load fine.

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Every instance suddenly stopped working. Did block them all?

Update: My Sci-Hub injector has been approved on AMO, so you can download it on Firefox now:

(other browsers can use the userscript)

The original author has taken down his repo, so this is the primarily-published fork at the moment. I intend on maintaining it and merging PRs for a while.

I'm now working on a release that will add several other websites. I'm trying to consolidate code from the other forks to make more available.

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Si tu es toujours intéressée par l'extension, tu peux installer un fork depuis cette page :

(grâce à @josias)


Wordle 215 



Last time it took me 6 tries, so I'm happy with this score.

Further explanation:

I currently have not chosen a language. I'm considering Python and Scratch, but really almost anything works.

It is a 12-week course with one hour class each week. Pre-recorded lectures are possible to make the most use of in-person time.

The requirement for the class is a laptop of some kind provided by the students themselves. I have no guarantees beyond that.

I have complete freedom with the curriculum.

/cc @ndanes @blackmore

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I'm teaching a beginner computer science class for middle and high school students soon (about 10 students). Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching groups programming effectively, especially with an age-diverse group?

I'm working on a course, and I've never taught a class before. So pointers to related resources would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

The Sci-Hub Injector browser extension was taken down by its author, so I forked it and submitted it to Firefox addons.

The original:

My fork:

Let's see if it even gets approved.

uspol, tech 

The new anti-surveillance bill proposed in Congress is amazing in concept---it's a huge step in the right direction.

But I don't like the fact that it's being portrayed on the news as "the democrats are doing this". Surveillance should not be a partisan issue.

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"Abled supremacy means that many of you mistakenly think that if you do get COVID and if you end up with long COVID, that the state will take care of you or that your community will. You believe this because you do not know about the lived reality of disability in this country."

from You Are Not Entitled To Our Deaths: COVID, Abled Supremacy & Interdependence by Mia Mingus

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"When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered."

- Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
"Beyond Vietnam"

politics/economics reading 

I was especially fascinated by Fisher's explanation of how anti-capitalism reinforces this view of capitalism. Media representations of evil corporations and impending environmental destruction can ease our moral urge to do something about it.

We have to take this seriously if we want to actually build a better society and not just complain about an existing social order.


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