@jgoerzen Thanks for this; I should check it out again. IIRC there were a lot of firmware issues when I last looked a couple years back.

@downey The only real challenge was with , and I may have brought that on myself by trying to do the whole thing with Secure Boot enabled for Grub and Debian. I eventually got rEFInd working and went "it's working, so I'm not touching Secure Boot again!"

Really didn't have any other issues. I used the Debian "firmware inclusive" installer and then added the linux-surface kernel post-install but that was all pretty easy.

@jgoerzen Nice. It looks like the new-ish github.com/linux-surface/surfa will take care of at least some of the problems I had. Guess I have a summer project now.

@jgoerzen Nice. Does your Surface2 offer some kind of LTE connectivity and does Debian support it, too?

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