Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

@jgoerzen I know of another person who has seen blocking of that link. I don't know if they saw that specific message.

@cstanhope Thank you. Definitely a lot of people seeing this.

@jgoerzen Good. Keep it low key. The normies will catch on soon enough.

@jgoerzen I think that’s called Facebook are assholes.

@aral Well yes. But a ton of people haven't gotten that message yet, and of those that have, few know what to do about it. I run a mask & vaccine supporters group on Facebook that has been reasonably effective locally, and I'd be surprised if any of the people in it are on Mastodon (or, for that matter, even Twitter). Though this issue piqued the interest of a couple of them.

@jgoerzen maybe many people used that URL and it reached a limit where facebook counts it as spam?

@sirjofri @jgoerzen
Nah... keep your conspiracy theories to yourself.

There is no such limit. Big corpos as well as dumb trends are being spammed every day. This is just a standart Cartel behavior.

@jgoerzen Oh! What an honor! Facebook recognizes Mastodon an the Fediverse as a threat. They obviously still can remember what happened to MySpace...

@markus @jgoerzen
I had similar thoughts. If Facebook blocks linking to Mastodon-related content for strategic reasons, then Facebook recognises Mastodon as potential problem that is important enough to require action.

@jgoerzen Each time there is "community" in a sentence, you can be reasonably sure it translates to "a person or group of persons decide they know better than you what is good for you".

@joxean Thank you. It seems to be country-specific also.

@jgoerzen By the way, can I use your image for my rant post?
@jgoerzen in late 2020 I posted something about federated networks and included (in a comment) instructions on how to join a mastodon server. Last week FB finally got around to censoring that, allegedly for "violating community guidelines" regarding "disinformation".

Twitter suspended me forever for The same URL. So i switched definitely on mastodon

@penguyman Ouch. I would definitely like to know more about this story. Do you have screenshots anywhere?


After ban you should contact customer care, but if they do not answer for over 30 days, you cannot restore the account anymore. This is a twitter rule.

@jgoerzen Twitter will hide tweets that contain links to fediverse instances. They'll show on your timeline, but after their AI finds it, no one else can see it.

@Humpleupagus @jgoerzen Reason. #5468 to just completely cut bait with those sites.

@jgoerzen With a URL shortener you can probably circumvent this check.

@giordanoscarso True. It is trivially easy to work around. My point wasn't so much that they were aggrieving *ME* - the post they removed was months old, after all - but that they were censoring the community.

@jgoerzen I've wrote the message mainly thinking how to solve the problem technically. Unfortunately it made me look like a know-it-all person.
But I agree with you, it is really creepy how they are censoring Mastodon, considering how small its current user base is.
But if I understood correctly they are retroactively removing every reference to Mastodon. That's crazy.

@publicvoit @jgoerzen

friendica can subscribe to rss-feeds... don't know, if mastodon also...

here is the feed, i subscribed just now

@jakob What are the advantages compared to a feed aggregator? I only see disadvantages for general feeds ...

@publicvoit i get new comics in my friendica stream... it IS an advantage.

I don't use other feed aggregators

@jakob OK, so you are using friendica stream as aggragator. This would make my stream useless since I've got many RSS/Atom feeds where I need to choose the time-frame to read some of them. I guess this scales only for few feeds that aren't containing large texts.

Actually, you can. Just append ".rss" to the URL of the mastodon user profile page, e.g., and you get an RSS feed of the user's toots.

@publicvoit @jgoerzen

@publicvoit Depressingly on point. There is a lot about the "modern" Internet that isn't so great.

@jgoerzen I don't have Facebook (nor do I have Twitter), but if this is true, then it is a sign that they are taking notice and are afraid.

@kicou They have basically bought out tons of competitors for purposes of killing them. Can't do that with Mastodon.

@jgoerzen Interesting. So Andrew Lee of freenode (insanity) fame and facebook are using the same definition of spam.

@jgoerzen related: the influx of new users to mastodon seems to be increasing(could be a temporary blip tho):

can copy and paste the following into the search box for a recent chart:

@Exagone313 @jgoerzen I reshared that too. The funny thing is that Twitter isn't even a threat to FB's dominance and all of the Fediverse combined is fraction of Twitter. Yet this is what FB does because they are malignant monopolistic tumor on the entire planet.

@jgoerzen I didn't check when I followed you, but I already had your blog in my RSS aggregator 😀

@Exagone313 No worries, I've done the same from time to time 🙂

@Exagone313 @jgoerzen i've been trying to promote fedi on fb for years. They didn't block me but they did make my post nearly invisible.

@Exagone313 @jgoerzen prob works best if you don't link to huge instances that have sponsors and lax moderation...

@ailurocrat @Exagone313 I strongly suspect they did this to my original post back in November also, but I have no way to prove it.

@jgoerzen I had a similar issue when I made a post about Diaspora.

@John Goerzen you found the fence - of facebook ringfenced garden.
Including automated processing of messages.

@jgoerzen This is new as of the past couple weeks - I made a post on my bluesite account about alternate methods to contact me including a link to and my profile here, and it posted.

It's so sad.. people would rather be mindlessly entertained than actually have legit, minimally mediated communications with each other.

@jgoerzen yes I had two old posts containing a link to flagged by Fb.

@jgoerzen Yes, they are censoring the domain, you have to talk about on your personal blog.

@hypolite @jgoerzen had to try this out, super weird I just posted it and it’s not blocked for me. I wonder if it’s based on your account location or IP?

@liaizon @jgoerzen This is somewhat reassuring but it makes the decision even more opaque.

@jgoerzen that practice should be illegal in germany. there is no such thing as a "householder's rights" for big platforms. they have to follow the law of free speech. it is legal to post such links, so they are not allowed to delete them (german)

@Freiheitsrechte @digitalcourage könntet ihr eine klage organisieren, damit sowas aufhört? kartellrecht mit hoher strafe wäre nice

herr Steinhöfel könnte ein guter anwalt dafür sein


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