@joeyh I hope so. Though it's a pretty poor way to say "Hey look, we're not an illegal monopoly!" The hilarious thing is that I don't think the original post really had much engagement anyhow.

@joeyh It occurs to me now that maybe they "de-prioritized" or shadowbanned or whatever you might call it to the original post, too, and just now raised it to a full ban.

@minoru I wonder how we can raise a stink about this? I did send an email to the FTC's antitrust division today.

@jgoerzen Oh, I'm neither in US nor in EU, so I doubt I can do much legal-wise.

Some media attention might be useful. torrentfreak.com is the only outlet that comes to mind, but that's not really their field.

On a lark, I wonder if HackerNews and Lobsters would be interested in this? Or do you want stink but not that amount of it? :)

@jgoerzen Wait what, @joeyh already submitted it to HN four hours ago: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

538 points, 200 comments, 26th place on the front page ATM.

@minoru @joeyh Hah, I feel so conflicted right now. HN is usually a hotbed of ill-informed comments. But it is a megaphone, sometimes.

@jgoerzen Also, since I got your ear: I followed your blog through the Planet Debian for years. I don't have kinds, but your posts about your sons are always fun to read! It's only recently that I realized that you're that John Goerzen. Thanks for teaching me Haskell through the "Real World Haskell"! Sorry I never put it to good use 😅

@minoru That's kind of you. Thank you so much!

You know, even if you haven't written a lot of code in , I bet that learning about it opened up new ways of thinking about problems. You may have put it to use after all :-) I have learned a lot of languages I no longer use much, but each has left me with some ideas I use.

@jgoerzen as my wife put it : " it's like going to Wal-Mart and doing promotion of the local farmer market.
Not illegal, but they are in there house. They can enfirce their policy.
I'm amaze that facebook fear other social network...

@jgoerzen Interesting - last year i did a lot advertising for mastodon on my it-site - and on other posts i pointed on my mastodon profile with the words, i will leave facebook, you can find me there.

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