I, uh, seem to be heavily contemplating running a server. It's been years. And I'd like to offer peering over to people.

I am either about to do something really fun or slightly insane. This is the best kind of project: where you can't quite tell which until you get into it.

I should also confess I've been posting to comp.mail.uucp lately. AND GETTING REPLIES.

forever? Or 40 years too long?

@jgoerzen I have been meditating on how I'd k like to use Usenet again*. I'd check out a server if you set one up.

*Not just for a.b.warez

@ieure I've done some surfing with Google Groups (terrible, yes) and it actually seems to have a number of pretty nice communities now. I also have no interest in the binaries groups. Free newsserver is available at - take a look! Or watch for my announcement on feeds in a couple of weeks.

@jgoerzen @ieure I think last time, after trying out for a moment and then trying to post from some local MAN servers and I think succeeding to from my uni or my previous uni servers but having to ssh to my uni or my old uni for that, I ended up just using which iirc was the most permissive to post stuff and maybe for control messages too i can't remember

oh, I put a "just" there.. it was meant to express the withdrawal from all the local stuff, but the Eternal September server was quite a discovery ofc

@jgoerzen Several years ago I wondered if NNTP could be used to essentially federate Discourse forum installations ... there's definitely something there that we just haven't recreated since.

@downey Wow, I had no idea. Incredible if it works well!

@jgoerzen @downey is an nntp server hosting the content of thousands of mailing lists, and it's still active as an archive and live interface!

@dl @downey I just noticed yesterday that gmane is back (with NNTP at least). That is fantastic!

@jgoerzen I think it's part of computer history and should be conserved in an operational state. It's important to know from where you come and how you got where are you today. Be it UUCP/NNTP or the whole retrocomputing thing in total.

Just because we live today and have modern things doesn't mean that older things are worse or bad. Sometimes the good old things are still better than newer things. It's often just that they are not as shiny as newer stuff (but may be a better fit to a problem)

@jgoerzen I'd prefer #Usenet over almost any we-based forum and maybe even any #socialnetwork if there are good mobile clients.

@jgoerzen uucp still works, and there's a few people out there still running Usenet feeds over uucp (over TCP/TLS, no idea if anyone still does actual dialup).

@galaxis I'd be interested to know who, and would love to peer with them that way. I know @SDF theoretically does, and I've been a member there for a long time, but I've never had a reply when I requested peering, so I don't know if that's still an active thing.

@jgoerzen Personally, I have a (paid) UUCP feed from a regional group of crazies, but I don't think they want to set up actual peering over that transport. still claims to do UUCP peering on demand, but I know nobody there, and neither how active they still are.


@galaxis Well, I think I would use UUCP to revive my Fidonet gateway on my Amiga 3000 again... I don't think that many people will have the need for UUCP for every day work. Although it has benefits when used with low bandwidth connections.

@jgoerzen @SDF

@galaxis @SDF I am definitely curious about the paid UUCP feed from the regional group of crazies! PAID UUCP still? Amazing and intriguing!

@jgoerzen The web site is in German only since it's a non-profit that has been providing internet access in a city nearby ever since the 1990s. "UUCP-only membership" is €4/month. Not sure how they keep it afloat - we ran a sister organisation here and gave up some time in the 2000s.

I can ask if they're prepared to set up a feed for someone in a different country (though I assume you're outside of the European SEPA bank transfer region and banking costs would be prohibitive).


@galaxis @SDF Very cool. I don't think that would be of interest to me but it's really neat to see someone still doing it!

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