1/ I just published a massive article called "Recovering Our Lost Free Will Online: Tools and Techniques That Are Available Now" changelog.complete.org/archive

I will summarize some key points in this thread, but please do check out the article.

2/ Recovering free will online

The limitations of : sometimes is useful. Think big: if offline were easy, what could you do?

Practically, , , and all are here today and can help show the way.

3/ Recovering free will online

Free our physical and data link layers. You don't have to use Internet from a phone company. Try or radios, or 5GHz point-to-point. Or, heck, NNCP over USB sticks in a car. is an off-the-grid IM system that does this. What else could you do if you dream big here?

@jgoerzen while I love most of this thread, are decentralized internets really viable as a useful thing?

I don't see how they can be, there just isn't enough spectrum to use wireless options in densely populated places and cables have good reason to favor single operator role outs.


@LovesTha It doesn't mean that the world rids itself of copper and fiber. Rather that we decentralize power. Running a layer stop existing long haul fiber makes sense. Also don't forget that highly directional antennas mitigate a lot of RF congestion.

@LovesTha There are also some large successful meshes. See NYCMesh for instance

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