Do you have a WordPress blog? Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse?

✅ There's a WordPress plugin which lets people on Mastodon (and the rest of the Fediverse) follow, share and comment on your blog. It's called ActivityPub For Wordpress and you can get it from here:

The author of the plugin is @pfefferle

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@feditips @pfefferle Thanks for this! I have tried it on my blog, but when I try to follow, it never accepts (Mastodon shows a "cancel follow request").

There is also which I haven't tried yet.

@jgoerzen @feditips @pfefferle Is your WP installed in a sub-directory? I can't get any WP install which is in a subdirectory to work with AP; and MOST of my installs are not in root directory.

@pfefferle @scully @feditips I don't really know. It's a single-author blog so it's a little odd to be looking at individual accounts anyhow. MAYBE this setting, though it seems more for posts than users?

@jgoerzen @scully @feditips oh, I see! There is no way to follow the complete blog atm. Only single users.

@scully @pfefferle @feditips Download patch-diff.githubusercontent.c, then go into the activitypub directory in Wordpress, and run patch -p1 < /path/to/105.diff and you'll be set.

@jgoerzen @pfefferle @feditips Thanks. I don't think that is something I can do. Will it be patched via the wordpress plugins?

@scully @pfefferle @feditips He just merged it into the tree, so I imagine a new release will be forthcoming soon.

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