@pfefferle @scully@hackers.town @feditips I don't really know. It's a single-author blog so it's a little odd to be looking at individual accounts anyhow. MAYBE this setting, though it seems more for posts than users?

@jgoerzen @scully @feditips oh, I see! There is no way to follow the complete blog atm. Only single users.

@pfefferle @scully@hackers.town @feditips Yep, understood, that's fine with me since it's a single author blog anyhow.

@jgoerzen @pfefferle @scully

Can I just say this is SO cool to see users and authors casually chatting to make sure the software works properly?

@feditips @pfefferle @scully@hackers.town Yes it is! Appreciate @pfefferle jumping in on this!

(And do feel free to let me know if there's anything else I can do to help track down the problem - it would be great to get WordPress working in the Fediverse!)

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