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Yes, Microsoft has a Linux distribution we use to power internal services. While it's for internal use, all development is done publicly in GitHub. Now we're making it easier to follow development with a dev blog beginning with 2.0

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Incident report on malicious takeover of ctx package on PyPI has been published.

Read details, mitigation, analysis, and more at python-security.readthedocs.io

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Starting today, developers all around the world will be able to easily generate PWA packages using PWABuilder for Meta Quest devices!
Click on the link above to get started now! @MetaQuestVR

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MSR 2023 is going to be held in Melbourne, Australia! Exciting announcements by @b_vasilescu @KellyBlincoe

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Python's ctx library and a fork of PHP's phpass have been compromised. 3 million users combined.

The malicious code sends all the environment variables to a heroku app, likely to mine AWS credentials.

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I've updated my Aframe XR starter with some useful changes🎉

* Switch to physx physics because it's faster and doesn't throw a warning every frame
* use movement-controls with the simple-navmesh component
* Add HTML-mesh for configuring the movement type


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Check out this extensive and in-depth interview with @janneke_gnu with his thoughts on @ReproBuilds, 'Bootstrappable' Builds, GNU Mes and GNU @GuixHpc... 🤝🔷👍

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In 2015 I decided on a whim to check out Tesla's battery swap station that was earning the company 9 figures in California ZEV credits, and found it wasn't real. Instead Tesla was using diesel generators to charge cars. Here's how this changed my life 🧵

‼️¡Abierto registro !

Volver a los espacios físicos está bien, pero al ser un evento libre y gratuito necesitamos que te registres en esta página si tienes pensado asistir:

🔗 eventos.librelabgrx.cc/events/

¡Nos vemos en Vigo!

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Please join us in the Most Influential Paper Award @gousiosg and I will be giving in a few hours at the @msrconf. It's for out MSR 2012 paper "GHTorrent: Github’s data from a firehose". Today we'll present the history, uses, and lessons of @ghtorrent.

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Super proud that the UCSC Center for Research in Open Source Software (@cross_ucsc) will be establishing an open source program office (OSPO)! twitter.com/BaskinEng/status/1

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A big thanks to @ProfPaulRalph @Sharma__Tushar @PreethaChatterj for discussing the excellent empirical standards at @msrconf! It is great to have them out on GitHub as well: github.com/acmsigsoft/Empirica

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Le Département d'Informatique de l'UMONS souhaite engager un(e) assistant(e) à partir du 15 septembre 2022. Postulez avant 30 juin 2022. Contactez veronique.bruyere@umons.ac.be pour des renseignements complémentaires.

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The live videostream of the International Workshop on Bots in Software Engineering (@BotSE_WS) is now on YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=Sk5wzRxSm3 FT the amazing keynote of @margaretstorey, tutorial: "Say it with Bots!" by @mariatta and eight tech papers botse.org/

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