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Hi, users & friends! We're implementing badges, so that you can show your main stats in your website, your repo, or wherever you want. Which ones would you like to have (for now, in one of this two formats: simple badge, or metrics chart) [Please, resend]

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Log statement placement, logging infrastructure, and log data analytics are key to modern software systems. We mapped out the research literature on these topics, now available in open access @PeerJCompSci.

With @jbarroscandido & @mauricioaniche

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The MSR Foundational Contribution Award goes to Bram Adams @mcis_lab for pioneering and evangelizing the filed of release engineering! Congrats Bram!

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I'm watching , where @htcvive is announcing 2 new VR HMDs (embargo lifted at 9a).
@RtoVR has specs on the Vive Focus 3, enterprise-oriented, $1,300 price, 120° FoV, new controllers, (2,448 x 2,448) per-eye, swappable battery.

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CASSIE: Curve and Surface Sketching in Immersive Environments

a conceptual modeling system in that leverages freehand mid-air sketching, and a novel 3D optimization framework to create connected curve network armatures, predictively surfaced

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New @cauldronio release with a lot of UI improvements, new reporting features from @OpenDistroForES Kibana, new options to "fork" existing reports created by the community, ...
Glad to see this project evolving, even with the limited resources we have in @Bitergia!

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The FOSS award of goes to “which contributions count? Analysis of attribution in open source” by @_jgyou, A. Casari, @glasnt, M. Trujillo, L. Hebert-Dufresne, & J. Bagrow. For in-depth
exploration of different kinds of contributions existing in diverse
& FOSS communities

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Another day, another time I am grateful for @cauldronio providing a first-in-class metrics platform at zero cost for new projects and communities. @CHAOSSproj @GrimoireLab

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Hi there 👋 If you've ever used, we would really appreciate if you could take this short feedback survey to help us improve the dashboard experience:

You can also help by sharing this post to reach out to more people 😀

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It took me some time, but Pydriller 2.0 finally arrived! Main changes are: shorten names of main classes, multithreading support (11.04 minutes to 1.46 minutes!!), rename Modification to ModifiedFile, and minor bug fixes! Super excited!

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Final results from the Nordic natural experiment:

Cumulative COVID deaths per million people

Sweden: 1,403
Finland: 166
Norway: 141

Annual GDP change for 2020

Norway: -2.5%
Finland: -2.8%
Sweden: -3.1%

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I love the EU (honestly!), but I also love the Internet. Through the NIS 2 Directive, the EU is attempting to regulate each and every root server operator (RSO), even those outside of the EU. Doing so will have bad consequences. 1/6

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The Mozilla Thunderbird team has three open full-time, remote software engineering roles. Get in there and apply!

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Cant't wait to attend the keynote of @iw_soheal 2021!
@mmilinkov from Eclipse Foundation will talk about Open Source Health from practitioners point of view!
Don't miss it!

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Now that @WHO and @CDCgov have finally accepted *after a year of denial and delays* that airborne transmission is a major mode for COVID-19, it is time to review the history to try to understand why this response was so poor.

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