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Excellent analysis of the South African bill and its importance for human rights: Parliament can uphold the Constitution by passing the Copyright Amendment Bill — again dailymaverick.co.za/opinionist

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🐍Python people!🐍

The pip team need your input on a *tricky* problem:

🤔How should pip handle conflicts with already installed packages when updating other packages?🤔

Give us your answer:

For help:

✨RTs appreciated!✨

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Only two days left to file comments to the IFT demanding the protection of . @ericnull and @tumbolian explain why this is fundamental to ensuring a free and open internet.


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The inside story of how ⁦@NearForm⁩ built the Irish COVID contact tracing app...one of the craziest couple of months’ work I’ve ever been involved in. nearform.com/blog/inside-the-c

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. @gnome 👣 , in cooperation with @Bitergia 🦉 and @gitlab 🦊 have created a working group with @CHAOSSproj to build community metrics for the community

📅 Don't miss this talk at @guadec by Sriram Ramkrishna and @GeorgLink !


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Igalia is pleased to announce Open Prioritization: An experiment in crowd-funding prioritization of the web commons



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This is genuinely important and exciting, I highly recommend you read it if you have even a single geeky finger twitter.com/jgbarah/status/117

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Dear students, don't forget that the deadline of @FSEconf 2020 Doctoral Symposium is July 15. Please submit your 4-page paper 2020.esec-fse.org/track/esecfs and ask your advisor to send a support letter to Tien N Nguyen and me!

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In VR, we are half-virtual beings interacting w other entities - hybrids like us, AI driven NPCs or entities w fixed behaviors like buttons.

Simulators aside, why are we reproducing the logic of bodies, physical interactions & screen UI? Feels like new paradigms should emerge.

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Ranked Choice Voting means you can vote for the candidate you like most without fearing the "spoiler effect".

It also ensures candidates need to have *majority support* to win elections.

It's gaining momentum across the country - here's how it works.

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So proud! my PhD student, Alberto Martin, won the ACM Student Research Competition in with his work on specification and analysis of inter-parameter dependencies in Web APIs. Congratulations Alberto! Joint supervision with @TonioRuizCortes at @unisevilla

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We're 1.1 now! Check out my VR anthropology museum with your favorite goggles, phone, or computer. @aframevr anvropomotron.com

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"The most valuable" advice I have heard in my scientific career, I wish I would have heard it 10 years ago! 🙂

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Research papers abstracts for the Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation are due in 4 weeks. SCAM 2020 will be held virtually. ieee-scam.org/2020/#call

Updating the list of COVID tracking apps: 10 countries and counting. Updates & feedback are appreciated jgbarah.github.io/Notes/foss-c Bonus point: all of them with a Cauldron.io dashboard ready for you to check

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