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Only publication fees in full open access venues for peer-reviewed scientific publications are
eligible for reimbursement


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Unix still has lines written in 1979!!!

@CoolSWEng is telling us all about the UNIX story and architectural evolution in our software architecture course!!

The paper, if you are curious: ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel7/32/43

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🚀️ Version 4.2 is live on cryptpad.fr! This release aims to stablize some of the big changes made to CryptPad recently, and introduces some new features ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Going crazy over MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia?

Maybe 1 year is already too old for the zeitgeist but ... sure you can still use First Order Motion Model and github.com/alievk/avatarify for that without uploading your personal photos to random website. twitter.com/utopiah/status/125

You know you can publish your open access papers and datasets in @ZENODO_ORG, but did you know Zenodo is free software? You can check its *long* software development history cauldron.io/project/3823?from_ (it shows all repos under the zenodo GitHub owner)

Revisiting our papers: "Are Developers Fixing Their Own Bugs?: Tracing Bug-Fixing and Bug-Seeding Committers" (2011) igi-global.com/article/develop Preprint: bura.brunel.ac.uk/bitstream/24 With @dizquierdo & @DrACapiluppi

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So you want to be an independent consultant. Let’s skip past the stage where I scream “don’t do it!” and onto the next step:

How to position yourself.

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Ivan Sutherland cofounded one of the most important 3D graphics companies, received a Turing award, and contributed fundamental work on hardware accelerated graphics, CAD, HCI, and VR.

One of his contributions less well known outside of academia is...

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user@host2: $ nc -l -p 12345 | cat - | espeak
user@host1: $ nc host2 12345

# Use the netcat command together with espeak to make a another computer speak your messages sent over a TCP connection.

@climagic @nixcraft

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GitHub: "Your communities will not disappear."

Also GitHub:

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I have closed my GitHub sponsors account.

It's a bit of a shame, I find the program promising as it picks people up where they report issues. And it has shown that it can even support an open source developer's livelihood. changelog.com/posts/i-just-hit

Unfortunately, illegally so.

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One of my favorite devs just released "The City of Mementos" and I am blown away. Kudos @DaniGatunes and everyone who helped build mementos.city/

and of course, we added a link to this experience on xrshowcase.xyz 😍

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Another ☁️ is possible. Kudos to community for upcoming hub 21 👏👏👏

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“Never allow too much data to be concentrated in any one place. Not during the epidemic, and not when it is over. A data monopoly is a recipe for dictatorship..Keep things at least a bit inefficient”. Wise words @harari_yuval ft.com/content/f1b30f2c-84aa-4

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Switching to rapid releases means that the same number of bugs is being reported, bugs are being fixed faster but less bugs are fixed! -- @ZeinabAbouKha at her PhD defence

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@Silona @webmink @OpenForumEurope I think I can help with this one :)

I'm guessing @webmink had in mind this announcement of ours: softwareheritage.org/2020/05/2 . Direct link to the expression of interest form is: framaforms.org/expression-of-i

cc: @SWHeritage and thanks Simon!

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Stop City Hall @MADRID from turning vivid and participatory citizen culture done by @MedialabPrado into a museum. @SaveTheLab made it possible back in 2007 to set up at the first workshop with @ben_fry @jldevicente @mcanet ...

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