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Rather quietly, @fosdem has posted the accepted this year fosdem.org/2021/schedule/
We're going to have a and !

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All presentation slides, extended abstracts, and papers of the 11th Symposium on Software Performance () are now available.

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The “what’s the one metric we care about” brand of product management is a fallacy.

You’re flying an airplane. All those gauges on the dash matter. You need to understand and follow them all. They all influence each other.

It’s a hard job. There’s no easy button.

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This article from @opensourceway, written by GNOME and @kde authors, looks at how The Community Health Analytics Open Source Software (CHAOSS) project has been developing success metrics for open source events. opensource.com/article/20/11/c
@GeorgLink @1nuritzi @sramkrishna @tetris4

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Our own Aaron MacSween (🐘ansuz@social.privacytools.io) will take (and answer) questions about CryptPad, privacy, and anything you can think of via a reddit AMA starting later today. Details to follow...

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There's so much cool art up on the walls of Flux right now that nobody seems to care about the sticky floors or complete lack of fire exit. Click this link to pop your head in the door. Sorry about the carpets. hubs.mozilla.com/pFbAqzj/flux-

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Richard Miller gave an amazingly effective talk on porting Plan9 C compiler to RISC-V youtube.com/watch?v=LHJqdXGb0u

He also mentioned that Jeremy Bennett is porting the kernel, but I couldn't find a single bit of information about that.

Anyone knows where to look? @Plan9_OS

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on Nature mentorship study. "Considering publication records as primary indicator of academic success does not do justice to the considerable efforts of many successful academics in educating and mentoring the next generation of researchers" athenasangels.nl/en/actual/544

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New Cauldron release, Wakame, is out! 🥗

✅ New feature: Repo filtering within organizations. Analyze specific projects in seconds!

More info: ow.ly/frX750CuDjq

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WebXR magic 🪄 Learn how to build a cross device 3D model viewer with the new @aframevr example. It supports:

- Desktop 🖥
- Mobile 📱
- AR (Android ARCore) 🤳
- All VR headsets 😎

Try: aframe-model-viewer.glitch.me
Code: glitch.com/edit/#!/aframe-mode

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📰The list of tools, which are in whole or in part distributed as🆓 software, is getting longer❗

💡Their sharing & reuse can be further enhanced via the adoption of Interoperable licences, such as .


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Another milestone for Vulkan on Raspberry Pi: the V3DV Vulkan Mesa driver for Raspberry Pi 4 has demonstrated Vulkan 1.0 conformance.

👋 @igalia


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In an upcoming @ieeesoftware I've conducted a longitudinal of authors of commits from @SWHeritage, analyzing 1.6 billion commits contributed by 33 million distinct authors over a period of 50 years. Short thread w/ links at the end 👇 [1/6]

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Test Automation with ! New workshop material from our colleagues @led02 and @TobiasSchlauch about how to test your Python code effectively – check it out gitlab.com/hifis/hifis-worksho


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🇬🇧 You can now register for our seminar "And now, how can Open Education help?"

📅 On December 11 at 10:00 we will listen to Henry Chan (@HongKongPolyU) and Marina Marchisio (@unito)

➡️ More info and registration on our website bit.ly/seminar11dec

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