Was your paper accepted at ? Do you want to show off and discuss your tool in more detail at the conference?

Submit a tool demo proposal until the *1st of September*! 🛠️⚙️📑

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Damn I really really love the new readyplayer.me avatars. I really want to get them working with THREE.js or as an AFrame component!

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There's still time to apply to be an iD Editor developer! 80% of edits are made via the iD Editor, and this paid position will be responsible for ensuring it remains an effective, user-friendly tool into the future. blog.openstreetmap.org/2021/06

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How gets into our cells and Delta's enhanced capability involving its altered furin cleavage site, P681R mutation, and yet to be fully defined mechanism for its very high transmissibility
new & outstanding feature @Nature @Scudellari

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Zalando Client Engineering platform teams are hiring! Come work for our Web Framework, Media or Edge routing/GraphQL teams! It's an unique opportunity to work at the scale of > 100k RPS, be surrounded by amazing engineers and bring innovation to our 42 millions customers! Links👇

The French government promotes Nextcloud as a great solution for home work and remote learning. We agree, of course! apps.education.fr/

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🎉We are very excited to announce that Bitergia has a new CEO: @dizquierdo! 👏
Join us in welcoming Daniel in his new role and check out our latest blog post 👇

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The deadline has been extended until 06/08 ❗️❗️❗️❗️

An adequate IP framework is key for & . Please provide your input!


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Out of the 30 most vaccinated countries in the world, two-thirds (19) are 🇪🇺 EU joint procurement.

The United States is 29th.

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Wikimedia community! Have you signed up for this year's @Wikimania yet? You can enjoy all the usual sessions from the comfort of your own home, this 13 - 17 August. eventbrite.com/e/wikimania-202

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We’ve just added built-in citation support to GitHub so researchers and scientists can more easily receive acknowledgments for their contributions to software.

Just push a CITATION.cff file and we’ll add a handy widget to the repo sidebar for you.

Enjoy! 🎉

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Curious to learn about the tooling options available today to support ? Interested to learn about the tools available to generate during builds & CI/CD systems? Join us on August 18 for events.linuxfoundation.org/sup

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🦉Good news! You can now find @cauldronio listed as one of the metrics providers within the landscape that @todogroup created! 👏

Check it out at landscape.todogroup.org/

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¡Una gran oportunidad para aprender sobre carrera académica!

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If you've paid any attention to the resurgent debate over antitrust, you've likely met the "consumer welfare standard," which is the cornerstone of post-Reagan monopoly law, and which is widely (and correctly) blamed for our new gilded age of vast, unaccountable monopolies.


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In the EU, can be covered by the so-called "sui generis right". The Directive setting that protection is now being reviewed.

Are you a researcher/part of a organisation using/generating databases?

Please provide your input! 👇


New BabiaXR release (Pokemon) babiaxr.gitlab.io/release_note Moving to a better async implementation, new multiuser features (incl. avatars), better UI and much more! @aframevr data visualization

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