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Announcing Nextcloud Hub 3!

🎨 Brand new design
🖼️ Photos 2.0 with editor and AI
📊 Polls and widgets in Talk
💌 Mail 2.0
🚀 30% faster app loading


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That’s an amazing deep dive on NTP, its creator David Mills, and old school open source communities. newyorker.com/tech/annals-of-t

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The history of India is vast, complex, fascinating, and important. But many people don't know enough about it.

So here is a brief overview:

R&D is experimenting with storytelling applications of Neural Radiance fields (NeRF), a machine learning technique for achieving photorealistic detail in 3D. We recently published a series of tests using this method: nyti.ms/3Sk78pP

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HTTP/3 is hot off the press (published June 2022). It is already supported by many browsers, and a quarter of the top websites.

This video explains the progression from HTTP/1 ➡️ HTTP/2 ➡️ HTTP/3, and its new UDP-based transport protocol called QUIC.


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Accidentally close a tab? No sweat. Ctrl/command + shift + T will bring it right back😏😌

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is a systematic approach for understanding systems by means of custom tools that we construct for every development problem. is a moldable development environment designed to decrease the cost of custom tools: bit.ly/3BTSSxh


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Here the slides of today's presentation on as 👉 annex.softwareheritage.org/pub at @TheOfficialACM Heritage Seminar 👉 history.acm.org/seminar-captur
Delighted to join wonderful kindred spirits @SWHeritage @sigsoft @Inria @CNRS @DI_Unipisa @unforgettingSci @SoftPresNetwork

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¡Ya tenemos fecha para !

Nos vemos los días 5 y 6 de mayo en la @FacultadEducaUZ de la @unizar gracias a @Osluz_unizar.

Pero también... ¡abrimos el envío de propuestas!

Toda la info en eslib.re/2023/propuestas


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(1/2) I have been overwhelmed by the response to my free-access release of "Introduction to the Theory of Programming Languages" (https://bertrandmeyer/itpl). I thought the book was forgotten but was wrong; it clearly has a following. Thank you so much for the fantastic feedback.

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Ya tenemos fechas definitivas para el Congreso esLibre 2023. Se celebrará los días 5 y 6 de mayo de 2023 en la @FacultadEducaUZ de @unizar
Presenta tus propuestas en eslib.re/2023/propuestas
Hazte voluntario enviando un correo a osluz@unizar.es

Premiada por el Ejército del Aire y Espacio en la categoría Trabajo Universitario una alumna recién egresada de la ETSIT

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Do you want your publication to allocate credit precisely where credit is due? Adopt the CRediT terms. credit.niso.org/

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We are entering a new phase in generative models.

Text-to-video is here!

Make-a-video by @MetaAI and FAIR.

Look at this video! It's generated!

"A golden retriever eating ice cream on a beautiful tropical beach at sunset, high resolution"

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I was able to reconstruct, and make available as a free PDF, my 1991 book "Introduction to the Theory of Programming Languages". Of course it would be written differently today but I think it is still useful as a presentation of program semantics. See bit.ly/3BPknbf

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Junior researchers who coauthor work with top scientists enjoy a persistent competitive advantage throughout the rest of their careers, compared to peers with similar early career profiles but without top coauthors.

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Today my Transformers-Tutorials repo hit 2,000 stars on @github! 🤩

Very greatful :) the repo contains many tutorial notebooks on inference + fine-tuning with custom data for Transformers on all kinds of data; text, images, scanned PDFs, videos ⭐

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