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Este sábado comienza 2020 en , el mayor evento de difusión de Software Libre en España y Latinoamérica:
vía @dhoy_web
Evento online, no es preciso inscripción
+info: flisol2020acoruna.gitlab.io/#h

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⌚ Planning your week? On Monday, 28 Sept at 2-4pm CEST EDRi's @ellajakubowska1 will be speaking at the about why we are calling to 🚫👁️📹

Participation is open to all, free, and fully online. Join the debate here: summit.ngi.eu/

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The BBC is releasing over 16k sound effects for free download (2018) happymag.tv/bbc-sound-effects-

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[PDF] Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies -- October 2010 \(PDF\) www2.ed.gov/rschstat/eval/tech

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Desde hoy empiezan a estar disponibles las transparencias de todas las ponencias de las .
¿Notas que falta alguna? ¡No te preocupes! En los próximos días estará disponible.
Visita nuestra web para acceder a ellas ➡️ bit.ly/2YZsdw9

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Debian Python Applications Packaging Team (PAPT) and Debian Python Modules Team (DPMT) become Debian Python Team (DPT) dlvr.it/RhKh1H

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As universities go remote and impose draconian surveillance software like Proctorio on students good time to re-up this letter from hundreds of professors and faculty opposing the use of face recognition in academic settings onezero.medium.com/an-open-let

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The maintainer of a dependency appears to have abandoned the project and is no longer responding to issues or pull requests. You can find no public contact methods. You want to offer to help maintain the project.

Using their email address from the project commit log is:

Antonio Gutiérrez Mayoral @AgutierrURJC, responsable de los laboratorios docentes de la @ETSIT_URJC, explica el soporte que dio a la conferencia que se celebró telemáticamente en la @urjc durante el 18 y 19 de septiembre.

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Privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet, especially in the case of social VR and collaboration platforms. Our privacy & security lead, @avadacatavra, explores the guarantees you can expect in @MozillaHubs. blog.mozvr.com/your-privacy-an

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Folks in the EU-pls take 15 mins to fill out this survey. Respondents sought from SMEs, individual devs, and large enterprises using & creating software & . (For parts where you don't have all the answers, leave it blank. I asked so you don't have to. :) twitter.com/OpenForumEurope/st

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Let me try to clarify and give more details about this diplomatic incident. @Wikimedia applied to be an observer @WIPO because this is the intl forum that discusses issues like access to medicines and access to knowledge and agrees on intl laws on and patents. 1/ twitter.com/tenobre/status/130

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During @AnitaB_org conference, @GrimoireLab will participate in the new edition of day 🚀 Mentors will be guiding participants while making their contributions to open source projects 💚


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Este sábado 26 de septiembre será la edición de A Coruña de , otro gran evento de difusión sobre .

También será online y podéis ver su programa en flisol2020acoruna.gitlab.io/#h

Ni una semana sin un evento de la filosofía de compartir conocimiento.


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This is TOO hardcore... A working Macintosh like OS running on an Arduino board, with a terminal app that's able to connect and use a Linux system in a Raspberry Pi :-D

@e__soriano and @jgbarah Sneakers Cray joke about what's cooler got a new level, now the Pi IS a mainframe ;-) twitter.com/Jameshhoward/statu

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Far from running out of steam as one strange paper suggests, the folks at @SWHeritage have run the numbers and found that the growth of original source code files and commits has been consistently exponential over a period of more than 40 years

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Lovely @aframevr entries in the latest @js13kGames competition. Exit by @uniquename654 is super cute with awesome level design. Well done! 👏 Check them all at js13kgames.com/entries

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Updated my list of 10+ tools to help you mine and analyze GitHub and Git data (including the death of @sourcedtech and the birth of @cauldronio) buff.ly/34o4u92 via @softmodeling

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