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馃ぉ Join us on January 31 to discuss metrics and related tooling.

馃幆 Also, submit your talk ideas by Nov 30: chaoss.community/chaosscon-202

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OMG someone actually discovered malware (on the official Monero website) because the attackers changed the download binary but didn't change the hashes posted on the website github.com/monero-project/mone


this is a big day for hash checkers everywhere

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Meet the splash for Blender 2.81! Featuring this stunning art piece by Alex Trevi帽o 馃帹 The full image and .blend file will be available for download soon.

Stay tuned for the official release of Blender 2.81 tomorrow!

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A demo of the different modes and opportunities to workout with Towermax Fitness Drill Track.
The length of running you see is 6 meters, in VR it's 12 meters with the room extender.
Full Video here:

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My team is looking for a Linux kernel tree maintainer.

Distro or Yocto experience (or equivalent) is required. Remote work is possible.


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Voice clone in 5 seconds.

This new open source voice cloning technique is based on an academic paper just publish in June 2019.

I have been robustly successful in cloning any voice.

The issue is now the social contract and voice owner rights of famous and not famous.

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I just recommended to someone running an open registry and interested in working with @wikidata to try Mix'n'Match. I can think of few tools that have done more for democratizing the curation and reconciliation of . 馃檶

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"Only the fittest survive in a world that is being eaten by software. Those that do not evolve at the right pace in the right direction will see their software eaten by the world."

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Less than 2 months to go for Technical Track submissions.

We accept both full (10+2) and short (4+1) papers. The paper categories are: Research Paper, Practice Experience, and Reusable tool.

Cfp: 2020.msrconf.org/track/msr-202

The touchpad in my Slimbook Katana II stopped working. Thanks to the great @SlimbookEs@twitter.com support people, I realized I had accidentally hit Fn-F1, which completely disables touchpad, even after reboot. Fn-F1 again, and back to work ;-)

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Publicadas las transparencias que usamos @paurea@twitter.com y yo en la asignatura Sistemas Operativos de Ing. Telem谩tica, minicurso de C incluido.


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Graal, now part of @GrimoireLab@twitter.com tooling, enables the platform to monitor the evolution of source code information, including qualitative analysis 馃摑馃幆 github.com/chaoss/grimoirelab-

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Video from @pyconindia@twitter.com has gone online. Catch my closing keynote in which I implement a simple WebAssembly interpreter from scratch and use it to play a game written in Rust. youtube.com/watch?v=VUT386_GKI

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Django 3.0 release candidate 1 released bit.ly/2CRKnVd

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1/ Kudos to the Italian Ministry of Public Education. Starting in January 2020, "only scientific papers published in open 芦repositories禄 will be evaluated and rewarded." [Google's English translation]. H/t Milica 艩evku拧i膰.

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