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My latest WebXR environment — running on mobile, desktop and on the Oculus Quest in full VR with controllers. Adding lots more to this over lockdown!

Built using @blender_org@twitter.com and @aframevr@twitter.com.


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Due to the situation, SATToSE 2020 will be held virtually on 1-3 July. Check out the call for papers on sattose.org/2020 (the submission deadline has been changed to May 13).

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Google has released data on community mobility for 131 countries. Data show the very sharp drop in mobility but also the variation between countries.
1- Spain very sharp drop (-94% in retail/recreation)
2- UK sharp drop (-85%)
3- New York moderate (-62%)

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Honey🐝🍯 the new Cauldron.io release, is out!! community.cauldron.io/t/new-re

📊 Improving dashboards integration
🔒 Improving data protection
🚀 And more!

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Cauldronians who just created an awesome dashboard with cauldron.io and want to share their design, can simply export their creation following 3 steps shared by @jsmanrique@twitter.com


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How Bash completion works
Ever wondered how Bash completion works? In this first article on the topic, we’ll look at how it works under the hood. tuzz.tech/blog/how-bash-comple

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The Fast Fourier and Wavelet transforms correspond to two sparse factorizations of an orthonormal matrix, leading to two fast iterative algorithms of O(n log(n)) and O(n) complexities. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_Fou en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haar_wav

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Yesterday, Wikipedias across all languages* received more than 650 million views—a new daily record.

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Dear @zoom_us@twitter.com Why is this tracking still taking place?

Also, what is the purpose of google analytics and googletagmanager that appear present after logging in? twitter.com/PrivacyMatters/sta

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“...we have a true alternative for desktop and IDEs that rivals the best… this is just the beginning for .” -Sven Efftinge, Gitpod CEO/Co-Founder & Typefox Co-Founder

Read the Eclipse Theia 1.0 press release here: hubs.ly/H0p3xF20

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This week's @xkcdComic@twitter.com is one of the best commentaries I've seen on coronavirus so far.



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Trending repository of the week 🏅


Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application.

⭐️ last week: 1073
⭐️ total: 7286

Estimating COVID-19 incidence via open polls, by @coronasurveys@twitter.com github.com/GCGImdea/coronasurv Interesting way of estimating the number of people infected. You can participate!!!! github.com/GCGImdea/coronasurv

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My new project! It's a realtime collaboration whiteboard 🖍 You can use it with every device not just your VR headset. Perfect for teaching or presentations! 👩‍🏫

@aframevr@twitter.com @threejs_org@twitter.com @oculus@twitter.com @SocketIO@twitter.com

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ACM opened access to the entire digital library for free. I love that now knowledge is not hidden behind a paywall. acm.org/articles/bulletins/202

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