Our devices seem more and more interested in calling (their) home, and tell them about us... robertheaton.com/2019/09/15/hp /v @jdelacueva@twitter.com

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Great news that the @EU_Commission@twitter.com @EU_DIGIT@twitter.com is embracing open source as part of a balanced innovation strategy and increasing partnerships with wonderful open source organizations. Looking forwards to seeing the élan extend across Europe (@ow2@twitter.com @OpenForumEurope@twitter.com ...) twitter.com/theasf/status/1175

"We build our computers the way we build our cities -- over time, without a plan, on top of ruins" salon.com/1998/05/12/feature_3 I think this post has aged rather well since 1998...

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We build our computer systems the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins.
— Ellen UIlman

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The 2020 @msrconf@twitter.com Mining Challenge CfP is now available at easychair.org/cfp/msr2020mc. Mine the huge Software Heritage Graph Dataset, which contains the development history of publicly available software at the granularity exposed by modern distributed version control systems.

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The European digital way must be open, federated and permissionless. twitter.com/openexchange/statu

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We have removed 259 accounts identified as falsely boosting public sentiment online in 🇪🇸. Operated by @populares@twitter.com, these accounts were active for a relatively short period, and consisted primarily of fake accounts engaging in spamming or retweet behaviour to increase engagement twitter.com/benimmo/status/117

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Just a reminder, given the conference that's going on in San Francisco, that the point of open source licensing is user autonomy not VC profit.

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Open Core is not Open Source. Don’t confuse the two. - Deborah Bryant from Red Hat.

And a slide about the dangers of open core.

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I am shocked that an employee of Bain Capital might still be trying to find a definition of Open Source that will let him make more money while still encouraging people to contribute to the code for free

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Brilliant thread! I see folks that want to change the OSD to narrow collaboration. I’ll pay attention when someone finds a way to expand collaboration. Otherwise, you’re just reinventing proprietary software. twitter.com/vanl/status/117475

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Clap, clap! @vmbrasseur@twitter.com is so Right On here (and in her other recent reaction tweets).

Only by distorting history to view proprietary EULAs as some kind of default background state is it possible to claim that license proliferation problems somehow come from . twitter.com/vmbrasseur/status/

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Good news! Our paper " and : Insights from the Trenches" co-authored by @g_catolino@twitter.com @fabiopalomba3@twitter.com @maelstromdat@twitter.com yt and @filomenaferrucc@twitter.com has been accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of @ieeesoftware@twitter.com! will follow

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This is such bullshit. A new definition of open source by venture capitalists is not progress. twitter.com/kevinsxu/status/11

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I hear there was a talk at about how if you build a business on top of Apache-licensed code you don't contribute to, it's stealing. Here's a the folks that wrote the license and founded the Foundation, talking about how that's not true: youtube.com/watch?v=0CLDVMcyo1

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Pre-registration will be used by @msrconf@twitter.com to address publication bias from postdiction (deriving a hypothesis after you analyze the data). Seems obvious for quantitative research but there are also potential benefits for qualitative research: tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10

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We are hiring!

To continue Software Heritage’s project success, we are recruiting a postdoc researcher profile to empower our Paris-based team.

Would you like to be part of this adventure?

More details and application instruction:

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