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Users vs programmers 

In fact, Android is such complete garbage that when Google set out to build a better "desktop" OS, they started over and based on Chrome and the dead-end NativeClient with a different Linux core.

Now Google is seeking to replace both Android and Linux on all end-user devices, but that's an incredibly ambitious project, and Google has suffered from enough brain-drain and ossification that, if it happens it will be because Jobs failed to build a company that could outlive him.

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Using (open) social media is stressful.

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We have started to ship the first batches of /e/-Fairphone.
It seems there quite some demand for this unique product!
We are renewing the stock continuously.

#degoogled #android #privacy #opensource #sustainabledevelopment


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Are we being loose with the terms “open source” and “private” if we utilize Google, Facebook, & Twitter scripts, listeners and CDNs in websites and apps (even if they claim to be “open”)?

#privacy #development #opensource

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May is half-passed but yet 20H1 hasn't released

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Hope I won't have to be busy like now after this term..

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How do we make Free Software more approachable, easier to use and more effective? That is the discipline of User Experience design.

@emacsen and @cwebber interview UX expert Máirín Duffy about Free Software interfaces and more.


And I didn't check my toot carefully and sent something stupid again..... lol

Will Keybase become less secure after being bought by Zoom?

Mastodon is like social media back in the 00s. Most people were talking about technology and some other interesting science stuffs..

I'm gonna leave twitter coz they're changing their UI and there was way toooo many ads.

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