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A super-talented artist by the name of Stéphane Richard (known previously as Wootha) dropped a bunch of their work into the public domain.

How much?


#PublicDomain #HolyShit

"Mein Grundeinkommen" is a Berlin based non-profit org that crowdfunds and raffles off annual unconditional basic incomes () of €1,000/month

So I'm using Secure () more than Mastodon/Birdsite now.. 🤔

If you speak Romanian, Bulgarian or Turkish (or know anyone who does and would want to help): We 'd need about two paragraphs of text translated into each of those languages to have full translations for our text additions.

Installed the Browser again, it's much faster than I remember and experience is great. @torproject good job!

I'm starting work on the "Popularity Contest" idea for @fdroidorg that will provide #anonymous statistics on app usage as part of @guardianproject's #CleanInsights project, follow progress at

Currently looking at p2p tools (excluding al Blockchain stuff): , , , , & co

Dank einiger #FreieSoftware-Entwickler ist die deutsche #CoronaWarnApp nun auf @fdroidorg erhältlich – ohne jegliche Google-Abhängigkeiten. Das ist gut für Softwarefreiheit, aber ermöglicht auch neue innovative Funktionen.

#microG #CCTG #de

Corona Contact Tracing Germany now on F-Droid 🚀

No dependency to Google, no microg app required. Pure open source, built reproducibly.

"Corona Contact Tracing Germany" App ist soeben bei F-Droid aufgeschlagen!

Im client solltet Ihr sie nach einem Refresh des Indexes finden. Auf der Website taucht sie allerdings, wie gewohnt, erst mit Verzögerung auf.

"Corona Contact Tracing Germany" App just hit the "official" @fdroidorg repo minutes ago. With your F-Droid client app you should find it immediately after an index refresh. On the website it appears with delay, as usual.


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