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Letter with postal ballot for the Zalando SE Works Council election arrived today 🎉

USB MTP does not work for some reason. Now copying files from Android via scp/termux 🙃

@fribbledom I started to use your obs-cli today for controlling scene changes via joystick, thanks!

Tab-Separated Values (TSV) is my favorite format for tabular data. Here how I use common tools and with TSV

Going bananas with naming ? Probably something you will regret! I propose a few guidelines for naming internal and components.

We launched the Engineering Blog using the Pelican static site generator

Operational View (kube-ops-view) v20.4.0 has no new features, but it needed the regular "npm audit fix" 🙃

I upgraded to 20.04 LTS today 🎉 (from 19.10 via do-release-upgrade -d) --- it was a very smooth upgrade! 😍

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