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Recorded video of the talk (in German) I gave in Paderborn about "why Kubernetes?"

How I messed up my kube-web-view demo site 🔥 with as Ingress controller and Let' s Encrypt rate limits — or: how to configure K3s with local-path volumes. Not quite Stories material, but a little outage recap

Personal news: I switched from General Management to Expert impact track (IC) within Zalando

Web View v19.8.3 finally supports easy customization of sidebar links 🔗 and adds support for defining preferred API versions (e.g. to use v2beta2 for HPA instead of v1)

I wish the release creation would take an already existing tag message as release title and description template.

(same lacking on GitHub and GitLab I think)

List of shame with 0ver projects (long lasting 0.x version) 😂

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