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How I messed up my kube-web-view demo site πŸ”₯ with as Ingress controller and Let' s Encrypt rate limits β€” or: how to configure K3s with local-path volumes. Not quite Stories material, but a little outage recap

Personal news: I switched from General Management to Expert impact track (IC) within Zalando

Web View v19.8.3 finally supports easy customization of sidebar links πŸ”— and adds support for defining preferred API versions (e.g. to use v2beta2 for HPA instead of v1)

I wish the release creation would take an already existing tag message as release title and description template.

(same lacking on GitHub and GitLab I think)

List of shame with 0ver projects (long lasting 0.x version) πŸ˜‚

If you are integrating Web View with your OAuth provider (e.g. GitLab, Gitea, ..), you might want to check out this new feature to allow a custom Python function for login validation/authorization πŸ”

Web UIs in 2019: different open source K8s UIs, my use cases, and why I created kube-web-view

Web View already has many customization options to adapt it to your needs: default label columns, search resource types, external links, and HTML templates

I'm currently hacking on Web View to help with support and troubleshooting on K8s - please try it out!

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