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Der Journalist und Datenschützer Matthias Eberl hat 130 deutsche Nachrichtenseiten und Verlagsangebote analysiert. Sein Fazit: Facebook liest fast überall mit. Durch Trackingtools kann der Konzern oft sogar erkennen, welche Artikel ein Nutzer anklickt:

I think I have to write a blog post with my thoughts on the book "Six Simple Rules" 🤔

Creating your own analog mini notebook which fits everywhere and needs no batteries (this is my 2nd, the first was full)

Horrifying and good first episodes: Chernobyl (TV Mini-Series 2019)

Talked with Dave Farley about Accelerate metrics and he recommended impact mapping to complement the technical KPIs

what if: git but distributed instead of centralized 🙃

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