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what if: git but distributed instead of centralized 🙃

The worst: "customer success" newsletters by vendors

was down today (again), so sad to rely on a central (proprietary) platform --- I already synced my repos to 😀

I'm now without Internet at home, because I'm no longer willing to pay for a degraded connection..

Anybody using ? If yes, how? (private instance, ..) I just registered on to try it out, but want to share my private library, so I'm considering running my own instance.. @funkwhale

On the topic of "many" "small" clusters at : apparently we hit our configured CIDR limits (/16, /24) - size calculation is left to the reader ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

According to this study France’s technology #procurement #policy that required government agencies to favor #FreeSoftware over proprietary software was a huge success: 0.6% - 5.4% yearly increase in companies that use Free Software, 9% - 18% yearly increase of IT-related startups, a 6.6% - 14% yearly increase in the number of individuals employed in IT related jobs and 600,000 Free Software contributions per year from #France #pmpc #PublicCode

Hotel rooms: where you have to find all 6+ switches before going to bed 😔

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