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According to this study France’s technology #procurement #policy that required government agencies to favor #FreeSoftware over proprietary software was a huge success: 0.6% - 5.4% yearly increase in companies that use Free Software, 9% - 18% yearly increase of IT-related startups, a 6.6% - 14% yearly increase in the number of individuals employed in IT related jobs and 600,000 Free Software contributions per year from #France #pmpc #PublicCode

Hotel rooms: where you have to find all 6+ switches before going to bed 😔

I tried recently, it actually works nicely to sync between laptop/desktop/phone

I tried @freedomboxfndn with VirtualBox today, looks interesting, but could not get Tahoe-LAFS to work

Did my first PR involving some .jsx () today 🙂

I'm currently trying out Delta Chat (based on email), anybody else using it?

The #FSFE #Newsletter April 2019 is out! Among other news, it covers the growing presence of our"Public Money? Public Code!" campaign, the new open call the Next Generation Internet project and our community activities:

I plan to write a blog post about my favorite apps. What are yours?

One of my favorite apps: Markor - I use it for to-dos and notes @fdroidorg

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