Anybody using ? If yes, how? (private instance, ..) I just registered on to try it out, but want to share my private library, so I'm considering running my own instance.. @funkwhale

@hjacobs @funkwhale You can upload your private library on a public instance too. I'm on not, but it should probably work the same. Is there no "add content" link in the sidebar?

@hjacobs @funkwhale Don't forget though, you can obviously only upload music that you either hold the rights to o that is released under a license that allows sharing.

@paulakreuzer @funkwhale it would just be sharing for family (I think this should be OK on private instance?)

@hjacobs @paulakreuzer you could even upload this privately on a public instance, but is not a good pick because we aim at hosting only Creative Commons / public domain content :)

@funkwhale @paulakreuzer sure, I only registered on to try it out (incl Android client) 😀

@hjacobs @funkwhale I'd highly recommend running your own instance, it's not too difficult and obviously there are no limits (other than your own disc space).

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