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Imagine you’re worth $119.4 billion on a burning planet and this is the limit of your ambition

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Ethical.net is a collaborative platform for discovering and sharing ethical (software) product alternatives - from browsers to social networks ethical.net/

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Ich hab mich "undercover" bei rechten und rechtsextremen Burschenschaften beworben. Die Burschen wussten nicht, dass ich schwarz bin. Ein Thread.


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Update on the announced self-hostable #bandcamp alternative: Got tons of work done on the foundation over the last days (architecture, reading, transcoding, caching, syncing, configuration, cli arguments, ...). Today was the first time I did some design exporation (first glimpses attached - these are already in-browser screenshots of the functional interface, not mockups :)). I'm developing out in the open at codeberg.org/simonrepp/faircam °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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Vor ca. 10 Jahren hätte man Windows 10 noch als Schadsoftware (Spyware) bezeichnet. Heute machen die Hersteller ein rosa Schleifchen drum und nennen es "Verbesserung Ihrer Nutzererfahrung". Vielleicht sollten wir zum ursprünglichen Begriff zurückkehren.

Open search wants to make searching the internet open and transparent by providing a wide range of independent and free options for navigating the web.

Briar is censorship resistant

1. it does not rely on centralized server infrastructure
2. Tor, and bridges to Tor in case Tor is under censorship are implemented by default
3. build with offgrid communication in mind, in case of internet shutdown
4. no Sim card required. (sim card registration can be stopped/on hold by gov)

Don't build proxies serving only a single purpose, support general purpose censorship prevention tools such as @torproject@mastodon.so.cial. Create #Tor nodes and bridges
#Iran #Signal

Did you know? You can also run Web View via pipx from the command line:
pipx run kube-web-view

Die neue Darstellung der Empfangenen Codes pro Stunde in der Corona Contact Tracing App ist echt gut. #CCTG
Man sieht echt gut, wann ich Mittags was zum essen hole oder Stadtbahn fahre.

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Google's blocking @element_hq@twitter.com from google play appstore... preventing French, German, UK and US governments plus thousands of companies and universities because somebody said something in a chat room that they run on their own servers. THIS IS INSANE! element.io/blog/element-on-goo

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Der #Matrix Client #Element wurde heute Nacht ohne Angabe von Gruenden aus dem Play Store geworfen. @matrix hat das bereits in der Nacht auf #Mastodon verkuendet.Ich habe fuer @gnulinux berichtet: gnulinux.ch/element-aus-dem-pl
Bitte fleissig teilen,auf alternative Downloadmoeglichkeiten hinweisen und Element weiter benutzen.Jetzt erst recht.

Scuttleverse newbies and existing SSB users can join my new ssb-room.j-serv.de


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