Magic Leap has an AI assistant (avatar) that does NOT set off my spidey sense. Looks like the uncanny valley has been bridged. Check this out from Magic Leap: (for what uncanny valley means: and

yay! going to the NASA Space Apps challenge this weekend. But first, a briefing this evening at 50255883701. Excellent way to spend my birthday :-)

Another great @techrepublic tutorial, showing how you provide the ultimate protection for your publicly shared links with the unique #nextcloud Video Verification!

I've been running Fedora 29 beta for well over a week now - one VM, one desktop and my daily driver. What a delight it continues to be. Thank you @fedora. Get your beta here:

and just got rambox to have one more social to follow in addition to discord and telegraml. all good.

am i able to bridge twitter into if so, how would i do it? was launched on 1 April 2018 as a Mastodon instance for people who care about, support, or build Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Of course, discussions aren't limited to just FLOSS -- let's share our unique interests! English is preferred for maximum conversation opportunities within the FLOSS community, but it is not required. Respect is required, however: Users on agree to abide by the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. This service was installed and is maintained in part by Masto.Host with equipment located at OVH. You can support this instance financially through the Monthly Supporter Program, processed through CommitChange using the free software Houdini Project.