I upgraded Ubuntu to 22.04 and all my GNOME extensions broke. Fantastic. After 12 years I ditched in favour of . I was thinking about doing it before but GNOME is available in Silesian (I did like 99% of the translation effort) while Plasma never has been. It's almost three in the morning and I managed to make most of the desktop speak my language. I don't think I'll ever look back.

I just set up on my home RPi server. Granted, it took me some time to figure out some obstacles but the documentation helped a lot and now everything works flawlessly. Great job you're doing there, @agateblue, thank you.

I've never bought a new smartphone because I don't feel like carrying around several hundred euros in my pocket. My phones always were dropped from software updates by the time I bought them. I got an Xperia XZ2 a few days ago and flashed on it. It just updated. I feel like ten years ago when I started using Linux and it downloaded its first updates. This is neat.


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