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Dear users, please help me making Lollypop 1.0 rock solid by testing current master:
- Using my devel packages:
- Using GitLab CI

Plan to release on March 17 ( my birthday :-) )

Spotify /YouTube support is in current master.
You can use my lollypop-master package (see lollypop website, will be built very soon) or GitLab CI to test it.

Lollypop is in bug fix period until 1.0 (soon).

Working on some new things... @BabyWOGUE Do you really think I have this in my collection? 🙂

Every detail matters...
Reworking similar popover was on my TODO list since 2 years!

One more screenshot of current master.
Using the same widget in adaptive mode allows to use all Lollypop functions from adaptive mode! Last big issue fixed. 1.0 too come!

0.9.920 is out.
Time to refactor code using new widgets. Resolving lot of issue and removing a lot of old code.

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