Lollypop 1.2.0 to be released soon.

Current version available on my PPA/Copr/OpenSuseBuild is 1.1.97 aka 1.2.0 RC1 ;)

Lollypop 1.1 will be released in some days with an updated sync feature!
Test me at

1.1 is about to be released!
Test it by using my git master packages at

Enhanced fullscreen mode in Lollypop. All features available from fullscreen!

@BabyWOGUE Just tested Elisa KDE player... Really slow to load covers. I'm quite proud of Lollypop from this point of view :-)

@bilelmoussaoui Lollypop 1.0.3 is out and Eolie is just really really old :-(

@mjog "Integration with Folks, the contacts amalgamation library used by GNOME desktop, is also offered."

This is awesome, waiting for this since I migrated from KMail five years ago!!!

Lollypop 1.0 is out!
- Spotify/YouTube back from hell
- New application menu
- Many bug fixes

@mjog Not sure if Geary is always using the wayland fix for present(), but it should be removed:

Geary needs a release with global appmenu removed, because on GNOME 3.32, geary settings are not available :D

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