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Imagine a world where every developer in the world works completely on open source project! Leapcode's vision is to create a community that encourages and motivate to make an open internet with tools that make developer life easier.

So, Leapcode guides you on each step, from finding a project to raising your first PR. The whole process of working on an open source project is gamified such that it keeps you engaged. Overall, you can be an open source contributor in just a few clicks.

One of Leapcode contributors said - Don't code alone, code for the community. Yes! We are a community of open source newbies and contributors. Join us today to start your first open source contribution.

Check out what the Leapcode contributor community has to say about their open source contributions 📢.

Over the past few months, Leapcode while on private beta has helped more than 400 developers so far with their open source contributions. 🎉 We have a contributors page showcasing everyone's first contribution

To begin with, Leapcode helps open source contributors get started with an open source project with a short step-by-step tutorial. Our goal is to help make at least the first contribution easy for developers →

Hey Hey GNOME! How is your Monday going? We're Leapcode and we are storming over @gnome today! It's been a great pleasure to have GNOME supporting us with the GNOME Community Engagement Challenge, sponsored by Endless.

Our final Community Engagement Challenge takeover is from Leapcode!

Throughout the day the Leapcode team will share more about their project, stay tuned!

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The Akademy 2021 Call for Participation is open!
Here is the chance to talk about your project at Akademy! Act fast, the CfP will close at the end of April.
Find more information and submit your talk at

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Video Trimmer is now in GTK 4!

Amazing work by gtk-rs binding maintainers and new GTK 4 features like GtkMediaStream allowed me to make the code much simpler and slightly more GTK-idiomatic. Crashes from GtkGlSink's threaded GL usage should be gone too as GtkMediaStream uses a better architecture (I think).

The update is up on Flathub:

We hope to see everyone at the Phase 3 Project Showcase and Winner’s Announcement on April 7!

This was Big Open Source Sibling social media takeover! Thanks for sticking with us while we shared about our project. Find out more about us on Twitter, on and on A huge thanks to for sharing this space with us!

Big Open Source Sibling program is also about another community: organizers, mentors, mentees, interviewees, guest instructors stay connected and share; job and training opportunities; other people who can help when someone needs support; new friends and role models :)

If you are Brazilian and want to be a mentee, BigOpenSourceSibling call for participation is open! Fill in the form if you want to get in touch with carefully selected and prepared mentors to aid your journey with Open Source: <3

For our second mentoring round, we wanted to broaden our scope. One step was changing our name from BigOpenSourceSister to BigOpenSourceSibling, to welcome more than women (especially, trans men and non-binary folks). Word choices matter!

In our first round, our focus was on women who wanted to contribute to FOSS but didn’t feel confident or comfortable to do so. Given the pandemics, all our activities were remote, which opened the chance to also include people geographically less privileged.

To offer an opportunity for Big Open Source Sibling mentees to get to know more underrepresented folks who work with IT, we came up with Talk Like a Boss: short interviews in podcast format, covering IT/FOSS relevant topics. See:

For the Big Open Source Sibling program to succeed, it is also key to have mentors who understand the importance of their roles; who know how to communicate and engage respectfully and positively with people of different backgrounds: our mentors are trained, too!

To truly foster diversity, we understand that part of the process of welcoming underrepresented folks to a community is giving them the chance to be in touch with other people who are just like them, but who have had some more experience in the field. So, when we look for mentors, we try our best to find those who can showcase this: women (trans or cis), non-white folks, LGBTTQ+ people who work with IT, and preferably ones who are already engaged with FOSS and social causes

Big Open Source Sibling mentorship phase follows a 12-week program that covers weekly (around 4 hours) activities for mentees: live workshops (shared later online later in our YouTube channel); weekly one-on-one mentoring meetings; practice; pairing with other mentees.

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