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Geary 40 release candidate has been released, at long last! It is available to install as a nightly build for testing before the final release:

Please do test it out, and let us know if you find any show stoppers:


Last chance to submit your Google Summer of Code applications, proposals are due today!
More details here:

One more day to apply for GSoC! Make sure to submit your proposals by tomorrow, April 13.

More details here:

Font Downloader is a simple to use and adaptive GTK application that allows you to search and install fonts directly from Google Fonts.
Find it on Flathub:

Remember to send in your Google Summer of Code proposals!
Applications are due by April 13.

Learn more about the process and where to start here:

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A new release is out: GTK 4.2.0! Learn more in this update on the GTK Development Blog:

The GUADEC 2021 registration is now open! Sign-up today:

The conference will be held online this year and take place July 21-25.

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Very happy to finally get the screen cast portal demo fully working o/

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I have been writing a little demo application for testing the portals

Congratulations to our Community Engagement Challenge winner, Big Open Source Sibling and to our finalist, OpenUK!

Thank you to all of our projects and teams for their amazing work during the !

Get involved: reach out to any of these projects directly or to us at

Help support other projects and challenges:

OpenUK Kids Courses and Associated Digital Camps teach children both to code and to learn about open source, via short and fun animated lessons.

Kids Camp 2021 teaches teenagers the OSI Definition and coding in 10 fun lessons.

Leapcode helps open source contributors get started with an open source project with a short step-by-step tutorial. Their project goal is to help make the first open source contribution easy for developers.

In just the past few months Leapcode has helped over 400 developers with their contributions! Learn more about Leapcode:

Broadening Participation through Scaffolded Sustained FOSS Engagement in an Undergraduate Computing Curriculum, from the Dickinson College Math and Computer Science dept, infuses undergrad computing curriculum with FOSS and computing for the greater good.

This project reflects the Computer Science program’s focus to use HFOSS communities to continually motivate a diverse group of students and maintain their interest in computing.

Hej @brion, we’ll pass your concerns to the project team!

Big Open Source Sibling (BOSS) is a mentorship-based program organized and run by volunteers. The project reaches Brazilian underrepresented groups in tech who want to learn about working on FOSS projects.

Find out about BOSS on their GitHub, or LinkedIn

Thank you to our judges Manuel Haro Márquez, Gina Likins, Allison Randal, and Murray Saunders! And thank you to our sponsor, Endless, for making this Challenge possible.

Join the event:

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