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Meanwhile, adaptive message dialogs, and a good opportunity to improve the API over GtkMessageDialog.

It hasn't landed yet, but it's fairly close.

If I didn't have to move, this probably would have happened in March or April.

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One of my work mates has been implementing support for extensions to #GNOME Web (a.k.a. Epiphany):

This has been made possible because at #Igalia we want more of us to dogfood a WebKit-based browser, and the number one complaint was “but, I miss extension $XYZ”. Luckily, being an owner-based coop we can *choose* ourselves to invest time in things like these :pika:

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We've organized another social BoF option for our finally day! Join us for a group walking tour of many popular sights in the historical center of Guadalajara. See details about the itinerary, cost, and how to register by July 15:

The results of the 2022 GNOME Foundation Board of Directors elections are in!
Congratulations to both our new and continuing members: Robert McQueen, Jeremy Allison, Regina Nkemchor Adejo, Sammy Fung, Philip Chimento, Martín Abente Lahye, Thibault Martin.

Would you like to bring LAS 2023 to your city?
We are looking for locations to host our next edition.
Learn more here:

is less than one month away! Have you registered yet? Let us know you're attending - in-person or remotely - by filling out this short form:

We've organized a group tour of Tequila, Jalisco as a social BoF option for our final day! This day trip includes transportation, factory tours, tequila tasting, and more. See details about the itinerary, cost, and how to register by July 15:

For those not interested in the Tequila day trip we'll be adding more social BoF options/suggestions for July 25th soon!

BoFs and Workshops have been added to the schedule! Check out the full timetable on our event page and start planning your experience:

GUADEC 2022 t-shirts - along with stickers, posters, and totes - have landed in ! Grab yours today:

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This is probably not happening anytime soon for technical reasons (i.e. it'd probably be in an app instead of a shell feature), but wouldn't this be fun :P

Just two days left to submit your BoF, Workshop, and Lightning Talk proposals! Send your requests in by June 15 by filling out this short form:

We're looking for volunteers to help with ! If you'd like to join our team let us know by filling out this short form:

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Are you in Berlin on Friday? Then come join our GNOME Berlin community meetup!

Join us at B-Lage in Neukölln at 20:00.

There's a little over one week left to send in your Bof, Workshop, and Lightning Talk Requests. We're accepting submissions for both in-person and remote sessions.

Make sure to get your request in by June 15:

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Workbench 42 is out, enjoy Blueprint and Vala support. 🎉

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Today we are welcoming Amberol into the GNOME Circle! Amberol just plays your music files and folders while looking nothing short of fabulous.

Amberol is maintained by no one else than

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