Last chance to submit your Google Summer of Code applications, proposals are due today!
More details here:

One more day to apply for GSoC! Make sure to submit your proposals by tomorrow, April 13.

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OpenUK Kids Courses and Associated Digital Camps teach children both to code and to learn about open source, via short and fun animated lessons.

Kids Camp 2021 teaches teenagers the OSI Definition and coding in 10 fun lessons.

Leapcode helps open source contributors get started with an open source project with a short step-by-step tutorial. Their project goal is to help make the first open source contribution easy for developers.

In just the past few months Leapcode has helped over 400 developers with their contributions! Learn more about Leapcode:

One of Leapcode contributors said - Don't code alone, code for the community. Yes! We are a community of open source newbies and contributors. Join us today to start your first open source contribution.

Check out what the Leapcode contributor community has to say about their open source contributions 📢.

To begin with, Leapcode helps open source contributors get started with an open source project with a short step-by-step tutorial. Our goal is to help make at least the first contribution easy for developers →

Thank you to our team, those who have done our first course, and our Sponsor Red Hat. We are excited about the future and our Kids Camp 2021!
Learn more at:

Lesson 2 teaches open source is source code from the Definition.

Lesson 1 from @OpenUK Kids Camp 2021 teaches open source is for everyone using the OpenSourceInitiative Definition.

OpenUK Kids Camp 2021 is a 5 Phase 3 Finalists . Teaching teenagers the OSI Definition and coding in 10 fun lessons,

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at

Or view all the details in our release notes:

¡El calendario de GNOME Latam 2021 está listo y está lleno de fantásticos expositores! Vea el calendario completo y regístrese aquí:

A programação do GNOME Latam 2021 está ao vivo e está cheia de palestrantes fantásticos! Veja toda a programação e cadastre-se

More updates! Markus Lundblad shares news and updates about Maps in time for our upcoming release:

GNOME 40 is almost here meaning updates are on the way! Learn a little bit more about what's changing in Epiphany in this blog from Alexander Mikhaylenko:

We've extended the CfP for one more week! All proposals are now due by March 30.

The CfP is open to everyone so don't hesitate to submit your ideas:

We're applying for 2021! If you're a technical writer and are interested in working with us, take a look at our project proposal and write us at the email listed here:

We had two successful Google Season of Docs projects this year. Congratulations to Pranali Deshmukh and Wisdom Nwokocha, and thank you to our mentors!

See all successful projects here:

Wondering what GNOME 40 updates mean for your extension? Learn more about the most important changes and where you can find resources and advice in the latest GNOME Shell & Mutter article:

Do you have a talk or presentation that you'd like to share at

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