The GUADEC 2021 call for participation is now open! More details on this year's , topic ideas, and where to submit your proposal can be found here:

All submissions are due on March 22.

Thank you Thursday! Thank you to all of our Friends of GNOME donors. Your monthly support helps sustain initiatives like Internships, projects like 4, and events like !

Matthew, Free Software Activist and contributor, shared his GNOME story with us. In his story, he takes us back to 2003 in Dublin, where gave his first talk.

“Software exists to be used by real human beings. Building the best software possible means understanding how those people use software and how we can do our best to support that.”

Read Matthew’s story:

All our GUADECs are community sponsored. Our 2020 event hosted over 600 people online - our largest yet! This could not have happened without your support! Help make future events happen:

Did you know..., , GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual, and the Linux App Summit are all supported by donations? And GNOME Asia 2020 starts next week! Don't forget to register

We're in love with this GUADEC 2020 group collage! Thanks to all our attendees for sending photos and to Jonathan Blandford for his masterful collage work.

Check out the full-size image for a closer look at all the photos included:

Friendly reminder for all 2020 attendees: please fill out your surveys and send us a photo for the group collage! Check your email for links.

2020 talk days are officially wrapped up! Thank you all for attending and we hope to see you during the BoF's and Workshops starting tomorrow.

The final day of talks is here! We're starting off at 15:00 UTC with the AGM during which, Neil McGovern will announce our Community Engagement Challenge Phase One winners!

day 3 is here. Today's schedule includes our Keynote speaker! Tune into Track 1 at 18:45 UTC to hear from Josh Simmons.

Let's get cooking! Tune into Track 1 at 21:00 UTC for tonight's social event and learn some kitchen secrets from long-time GNOMEie Sri Ramkrishna.

We're about to start day 2 of . Take a look at the schedule to see what talks are coming up:

Our talks are over for today, but the social event is just beginning. Join us in Track 1 at 21:10 UTC for happy hour in the comfort of your own home and mix up some delicious cocktails and mocktails with Melissa Wu.

update: we've turned off the public channels to help with smoothing out technical difficulties. We've created two new chat channels on where you can ask questions. Find the links on our website:

has officially started. Check out today's schedule to plan out your day. And remember, Track 1 talks are shown in the left column, Track 2 in the right.

2020 starts today! We're kicking things off with the opening at 14:40 UTC in Track 1. Make sure to register and check your email to get the links and access codes needed to join:

2020 starts tomorrow, are you ready? Here's our checklist: registration✔️, view the schedule✔️, grab track links and access codes (check your email!)✔️, sign up for social hour✔️. Still need to check some of these off? Find all event details:

2020 BoFs and Workshops are scheduled! Take a look at what's lined up and make sure to register for any you're planning to attend:

The fun doesn't end with the sessions, we have social events and activities too! Take a look at what we've got planned:

We're excited to announce our brand new GNOME Shop! Pick up your 2020 t-shirts, and a few other GNOME items, right here:

*Foundation Members check your email for additional member details

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