This was Big Open Source Sibling social media takeover! Thanks for sticking with us while we shared about our project. Find out more about us on Twitter, on and on A huge thanks to for sharing this space with us!

GNOME Latam 2021 comienza hoy a las 13:00 UTC! Sumate a este evento en el que celebramos y expandimos la comunidad de en América Latina.

GNOME Latam 2021 começa hoje às 13:00 UTC! Junte-se a nós neste evento emocionante enquanto celebramos e expandimos nossa comunidade na América Latina.

¡El calendario de GNOME Latam 2021 está listo y está lleno de fantásticos expositores! Vea el calendario completo y regístrese aquí:

A programação do GNOME Latam 2021 está ao vivo e está cheia de palestrantes fantásticos! Veja toda a programação e cadastre-se

More updates! Markus Lundblad shares news and updates about Maps in time for our upcoming release:

Thank you for participating in our takeover today and we hope you'll join us at the Community Engagement Challenge Phase Three Project Showcase:

The results of a pre/post survey conducted in an introductory Computer Science class (COMP 190) shows that beginning coders have been engaged with the free and open-source software (FOSS) community which is a key goal of Community Engagement Challenge.

Do you have a talk or presentation that you'd like to share at

We want to hear from you!
Submit your talk today at

Temos o prazer de anunc!ar o GNOME Latam, um d!a para celebrar e expand!r nosso na América Latina! Nossa chamada de convocação já está aberta e estamos procurando palestrantes para apresentar em espanhol ou português. Todas as propostas da conferênc!a podem ser env!adas para

¡Nos complace anunciar GNOME Latam, un día para celebrar y expandir nuestra comunidad en América Latina! Nuestra convocatoria de presentaciones ya está abierta y estamos buscando expositores para presentar en español o portugués. Todas las propuestas de charlas se pueden enviar a

We're excited to announce GNOME Latam, a day to celebrate and expand our community in Latin America!
Our Call for Presentations is now open and we're looking for speakers to present in Spanish or Portuguese. All talk proposals can be submitted at

Drawing allows you to draw or edit pictures with handy tools like pencil, shapes, text, selection, cropping, and more! This basic image editor supports PNG, JPEG, and BMP.

Find it on Flathub:

Want to learn more about how GNOME is funded? Join the Fundraising Working Group meeting on February 18 at 17:00 UTC.

The GNOME project has impacted many of us. There are lots of ways to support GNOME and sharing your stories is one of them! Share the story of how you got involved with GNOME with us by tagging it

Federico, GNOME Co-Founder and Board of Directors member, shared his GNOME story with us. In his story, he talks about valuable lessons learned building and contributing to and .

“People in GNOME genuinely care about each other; and I am thankful for all of the friendships that have come about through GNOME.”

Read Federico’s story:

The GTK 4 release party is starting soon! You can join us for this remote celebration at 18:00 UTC using the link in the event details:

Our GTK 4 release party is tomorrow! Join us for this remote event, Dec 18 at 18:00 UTC, and help us celebrate the GTK team and their hard work:

Are you as excited about GTK4 as we are? Join us on December 18th at 18:00 UTC for a release party! Details:

GTK4 is almost here! Help us celebrate this Friday (December 18) at 18:00 UTC with a remote release party!

Meg, a former Outreachy intern, shared her GNOME story with us. In her write up she talks about what means to her and what made her stick with .

“The mentorship I received from my fellow GNOMEies and the open nature of the code provided me with great learning opportunities.”

Read Meg’s story:

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