We've organized another social BoF option for our finally day! Join us for a group walking tour of many popular sights in the historical center of Guadalajara. See details about the itinerary, cost, and how to register by July 15: events.gnome.org/event/77/page

is less than one month away! Have you registered yet? Let us know you're attending - in-person or remotely - by filling out this short form: events.gnome.org/event/77/regi

We've organized a group tour of Tequila, Jalisco as a social BoF option for our final day! This day trip includes transportation, factory tours, tequila tasting, and more. See details about the itinerary, cost, and how to register by July 15: events.gnome.org/event/77/page

For those not interested in the Tequila day trip we'll be adding more social BoF options/suggestions for July 25th soon!

GUADEC 2022 t-shirts - along with stickers, posters, and totes - have landed in ! Grab yours today: shop.gnome.org/

Just two days left to submit your BoF, Workshop, and Lightning Talk proposals! Send your requests in by June 15 by filling out this short form: events.gnome.org/event/77/surv

We're looking for volunteers to help with ! If you'd like to join our team let us know by filling out this short form:

There's a little over one week left to send in your Bof, Workshop, and Lightning Talk Requests. We're accepting submissions for both in-person and remote sessions.

Make sure to get your request in by June 15: events.gnome.org/event/77/mana

The Call for BoFs, Workshops, and Lightning Talks is now open! Send us your proposals for any of these sessions (in-person or remote) by filling out this short form:

All submissions are due by June 15.

Looking for a place to stay in Guadalajara during ? We've updated our website with hotel recommendations!

Check out our list and register today: events.gnome.org/event/77/page

The talk schedule is now live! Take a look at all the awesome talks we have lined up and make sure to register:

LAS 2022 T-shirts are still available! We'll have them available in-person through the end of the conference and the @ubuntu release party. Grab yours now!

You can also find the shirts and more cool merch in our online Linux App Summit store: linux-app-summit.myspreadshop.

day two starts off with our keynote speaker. Tune in right now to hear from Majid Hajian.

Good news, you can now follow talks live on PeerTube 📺 !: t.co/XEq5ZTdK2g

We have shirts! Purchase yours in person at our registration table, or online from the Linux App Summit merch store. t.co/U9D5GJ6rGk

Fun fact, the mech store also has bags, water bottles, and mugs available!


LAS 2022 has begun! You can still join us in person, online, or by watching the live stream. More details can be found on linuxappsummit.org/attend/

LAS 2022 starts tomorrow! Will you be joining us in person or online? There's still time, register for free and check out the full schedule to plan your conf.linuxappsummit.org/event/

We're excited to attend next week! You can join us online or in-person in Rovereto, Italy by registering now: conf.linuxappsummit.org/event/

We're excited to announce that registration for is now open!

This year's event will be a hybrid conference taking place July 20-25 in-person in Guadalajara, Mexico, and online.

Are you planning to attend LAS 2022 in Rovereto? We've scheduled a walking tour of the city for Sunday, May 1, join us by registering here: conf.linuxappsummit.org/event/

Photo Credits: visitrovereto.it

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