We're excited to announce the release of GNOME 43!

Thanks to the hard work of our community of contributors, brings a redesigned system settings menu, a new Device Security page, improvements to many core apps, and more!

See all the updates in our release notes:

@gnome Wow, #PeerTube releases and update, and now #GNOME follows suit?! 😄 Gotta love that #FOSS 😎

@gnome yo congrats on the release 💖🎉

cant wait to update to 43. that quick settings feature looks very cool!

@gnome WHAT? Already? yall are so fast! Gnome 42 still feels new to me

Thanks for the release.
I've been a gnome user since my start in 2005. And though I tried every DM on Linux, I feel at home with GNOME and will not change back.
So, thanks

I'm using XFCE since a couple of years, but I appreciate that some tools have been derived from GNOME and are still integrated for features like #GVfs
@openmastering @gnome

@gnome Fuck me! Debian has not moved past v3.38.5 yet!

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