Leapcode is an open source platform. If you are interested in contributing to Leapcode head over to →

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@gnome is there source for leapcode, or any kind of documentation or description of how it's run? Is there a community forum or mailing list? None of these things are linked on the web site, which makes this sound like a proprietary system.

@gnome I want to believe that I missed something, that this is a mistake and there's actually a vibrant community project.

I also have general concerns about concentrating on getting people to perform free labor. I really hope the students are compensated for their time with a reasonable stipend.

But I see no documentation about any such thing!

Hej @brion, we’ll pass your concerns to the project team!

@brion @gnome probably the most informative thing I've seen related to leapcode is their community post here:
about their pivot from being a community forum for women in tech to a platform for finding/contributing to open-source projects.

It would be nice if the platform was more open; the way they handle invites/requesting access and such feels like "startup trying to solve a people problem using proprietary tech" right now, even if that's not really the case :/

@brion @gnome (some searching showed that their actual landing page apps, etc. are open source at )

@brion @gnome looks like the main "platform" itself (i.e. whatever you get when you login?) isn't there, tho.

Also, the reliance on github for logins is kind of iffy, imo, especially for projects like GNOME that don't actually use github as a hosting or contribution platform. (The things that are there are mirrors only)

@brion @gnome oh wow, I can't even log in, it just sends me into a redirect loop between their app and a firebase service.

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