Why is all of that important? Today, only 2.3% of OS core developers are women (of all contributors, 5.35% are women). There is also a race/ethnicity gap: in a recent study with 105,862 devs, 84% were perceived as white. But our world is diverse!

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interesting! where can we get the raw data and scripts used?

kind reminder, could you please share code or get me in touch with someone who may know?

Hi @jibec, this post is part of a series from one of our Community Engagement Challenge teams. You can learn more about the project, BOSS, here:

If you'd like to contact someone working on that project you can email us at

As far as I can tell, my computer does not give a rip what color or sex the coder was, it only cares if the code is efficient and relatively bug free. If white guys do a better job at that so be it.
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